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Basic medical research

No description

Chang-Hoon Nam

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of Basic medical research

Basic medical research

Preclinical research

Clinical research

Basic medical research

Cellular and molecular biology,
medical genetics,
and psychology

Cell biology
Protein and Nucleic acid chemistry
Biomedical research and development expenditures classified by country in 2012
in billions of U.S. dollars
Country Total Public Industry
United States 119.3 48.9 70.4
Canada 5.3 3.3 2.0
Europe 81.8 28.1 53.6
Asia-Oceania 62.0 19.3 42.7
Total 268.4
예: MRC, Cold Spring Harbor Institute,
Scripps Research institute, CNRS, MPI
Preclinical medical research institute
Hospital based research

Harvard medical school-
Massachusetts general hospital

Cambridge university Department of medicine-
Addenbrooks hospital

INSERM(Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale)

Fraunhofer-Cell Therapy and Immunology,
biomedical engineering

한국 R&D 전체예산
Clinical medical research institute
translational research
preclinical medical research institute와 대체로 겹침
MD위주의 구성
제약회사를 비롯한 기업 연구소
위주의 구성
PhD위주의 구성
Structural biology
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