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Life As a 21st Century Teacher.

No description

Abby M

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Life As a 21st Century Teacher.

Life as a 21st Century Teacher. wouldnt you like to have class without using so much paper that you have to ake home and grade?? just use web 2.0!!! Here are some of the most
favorable websites used
with web 2.0. Prezi Prezi- A Prezi is like a slide show but only cooler. you could ask 10 students and 9 out of 10 would say that this is there favorite website. Glogster Glogster- A glogster is an online poster. It can be used for projects or to show students notes in a more fun way. Think.com Think.com- a way to comunicate with teachers and other students with out using paper!!!! :) you can give homework on the computer that you can also grade on the computer. cbssports.com cbssports.com- you can fill in your bracket, like we did for march maddness. Instead of "writting" in in on a peice of paper, you can "type" it in on this website. Atomic Learning Atomic Learning- this is how you can embrace the use of technology in school. For example, by using the internet to give home work on instead of handing out paper. Career Crusing/ ILP Career Crusing- Career Crusing helps you choose a career, or college that best fits your future in what you like to do. Infinate Campus Infinate Campus- infinate campus is where you can check your grades with out asking your teacher or waiting to get the same old piece of papr with your grade on it. Learn2type learn2type- On learn2 type, you can check your typing speed and inprove on your accuracy and speed at the same time. Google Docs google docs- When using good docs you can work on a letter or project and have other people edit it at the same time. It is almost like a chat room for used work. Flickr Flickr- This is a wedsite that can be used to tell a story in pictures. For example, You can download many photos you took over the summer to tell a story about your summmer.
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