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The reign of alexander the great

No description

Thomas Foster-Brown

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of The reign of alexander the great

Alexander the Great
Before Alexander
the great
Under the rule of
Alexander the great
(dotted line)
Named after him!
The typical battle formation under Alexander
The sarissa, a Macedonian weapon, usually 15 feet long, basically an elongated spear
A member of the companion cavalry,
who rode with Alexander
Using this tactic, Alexander first launches the phalanx
and then, when the Enemy are distracted, crushes them with cavalry from the back
Truth in myth?
Whoever untied the Gordian Knot, it was said, would rule the world. Alexander approached the problem in a different way. He undid the knot by simply slashing it with his sword, then unraveling it.
Taming the un-tamable
Enemy lines
Did You Know?
Alexander never lost a battle
Alexander was mentored by
the famous Aristotle
He had one blue eye and one brown one
He was epileptic
He had 3 wives
His neck was twisted so that he always appears to be looking up
Many historians say that he was the greatest general in history
Alexander loved reading and had a great desire for knowledge
Life in a nutshell
First blood
In 338BC, Alexander took charge of the Companion Cavalry and aided his father in defeating the Athenian and Theban armies at Chaeronea, when he was just a teen! this was the first of many battles
A coin depicting Alexander's head
A horse dealer offered
Alexander's father the horse for
The massive price of 13 talents, but this was an extremely wild horse, biting those who tried to tame it
The 12 year old Alexander told his father
That if a could not tame it, he
would pay for it.
Alexander then turned the horse away from it's shadow and spoke soothingly until the horse was calm, all were amazed by his skill and bravery!
Early life
He was born in Pella, Macedonia
H e hardly ever saw his father, Phillip, so he always stayed with his mother, Olympias
Aristotle taught him philosophy, poetry, science and politics
Soldier boy
He completed his education in Meiza
He Became a soldier immediately (when he was still just a teen)
He embarked on a mission against the Thracian tribes (see first blood)
He finished his education in Meiza
Boy Soldier
He embarked on an expedition against the Thracian tribes (see first blood)
Athens was celebrating Philip's death and were hoping to take charge of the league
A New King
After gaining control of the army, he was declared feudal king
The Army helped him eliminate other heirs to secure the throne

Although king, he did not have automatic control of the Corinthian league
The reign of
Major Battles he
Battle of Charonea
Battle of Granicus
Battle of Isus
Siege of Tyre
Battle of Guagamela
Battle of Hydaspes
And many more
Battles he lost
Death and His empire
While considering the conquests of
Carthage and Rome, Alexander the Great died of malaria in Babylon on June 13, 323 B.C.
He was just 32 years old.
After he died his empire collapsed as the cities under his rule rebelled
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