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S3 pPhone

No description

Divyang Arora

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of S3 pPhone

GPS Park- Formed in 1883 Fall
Located in Alberta in the Interior Plains
6,782.23 square kilometers of valleys, mountains, glaciers and forests
3,927,557 visitors came in 2004/05
Canada's first national park
Third oldest national park in the world
Town of Banff is 4540 feet above sea level and is known as "Canada's High Ground"
Tourism in Banff National Park- C$6 Billion per year About Me Cordillera Region
Sedimentary layers- Carved out of slopes at 50—60 degree angles
Dipped mountains with a steep face, and another gradual slope
A lot of large glaciers and ice fields Subarctic climate- Cold, snowy winters and mild summers
472 mm of precipitation per year
234 to 290 mm of snow fall
Moderated Temperatures A lot of species in Banff
Small Mammals
Hooved Animals
Large Carnivores
Birds Mammals
56 Species Recorded Mammals
56 Species Recorded Hooved Animals
Woodland Caribou
Mountain Goat
White-tailed Deer Large Carnivores
Red Fox
Grizzly Bear
Striped Skunk Birds
More Than 280 Species
Bald Eagle
Common Raven
American Dipper
Gray Jay
Fox Sparrow
Mountain Chickadee Small Mammals
Dusky Shrew
Snowshoe Hare
Least Chipmunk
Northern Flying Squirrel
Porcupine Amphibians
Wood Frog
Columbia Spotted Frog
Boreal Toad
Long-toed Salamander Reptiles
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake Fishes
Atlantic Salmon
Bull Trout
African Jewelfish
Green Swordtail
Guppy Activities Include
Waterfall Ice Climbing
Ice Diving
Hot Springs
Scuba Diving
Camping 3 Types Of Vegetation
Variety of wildflowers
Flowers Blossom- Late March to mid-September
Peak Flowering time- Mid July to mid-August Montane Zone:
Low Elevation
Western Wood Lily
Shooting Star
Early Blue Violet
Yellow Lady's Slipper
Star Flowered Solomon's Seal North of Montane zone
Receives more precipitation
Primarily coniferous trees
Single Delight
White-flowered Rhododendron
Sitka Valerian
Bunchberry Sub-Alpine Zone: Alpine Zone:
Mainly Rock and snow
Western Anemone
White Mountain Avens
Mountain Sorrel
Purple Saxifrage
Glacier Lily Interesting Landform Places in Banff
Banff Gondola
Sunshine Meadows
Banff summit walk
Banff Hoodoos
Norquay Lookout Near Lake Louis, Alberta
57 km west of Banff
One of three major ski resorts located in Banff National Park
139 Ski Runs
Longest Run 8 km
454 cm of snow per year
Base elevation is 1,646 m
Top elevation is 2,637 m
Run take between 5 to 12 min
17 Square Kilometres of Skiing area
9 Ski Lifts Banff National Park Terrain Aerology Animalia Ski Resort Fun & Frolic Foliage
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