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No description

Kori Tyson

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Caballo

Caballos leave hoof prints on our heart

Flags- For flags we try to get them just as close as we possible can to the buckets with the flags, before they knock it down. On the poles we first walk them up to it and lead them around it a few times so whenever we get on the horse at least they know its not gonna hurt them, and they won't freak out. We hope everyone enjoys their training here. Flags are just $23.
Breaking In
When we break a horse we would like for them to be relaxed to us so, at first we will let them get used to us. After the horse feels comfortable we will start off with just putting the saddle blanket on him and saddle, the next next day we will get on the horse and have him a different rider everyday so he/she will be comfortable with different weight. I hate to tell you not all horses are perfect but we will help with that, in the kindest way. For just $60.
Weight Gain/Lost
We know people like a horse fit for everything so, we help with that. If your horse is too fat we will exercise him/her regularly and feed him just a little bit less (Don't worry we aren't harsh.) We also will train the horse if you would like while we take weight off him/her. The cost for training is very low. Your horse will stay in a clean stable to lose his/her weight, but let out for an hour or two. If your horse is trying to gain weight then she/he will be let out in a field, fed a little more each 2 weeks and they can be lightly trained. To gain weight it cost $35 dollars every other month. To lose weight it cost $20. Don't forget our training for the horse while their here!
Taking In
We take in horses that people might not be able to take care of any longer for free. You might not want to give your horse away but, you might not have the money for it right now. Well, you can bring it to us and we will take care of and the only thing you have to pay for is the bag(s) of feed that the horse ate while you was gone. You can pay for the feed when you can. It don't matter what age the horse is or breed.
Pole Training

Stud Fee
If you like the way one of a stud horses act and the beauty you see on them. You may breed your mare to have one similar to him (depends on the genes they have) for just $250. That might sound like a lot but it will pay off for the beautiful looking colt you have!
We make sure any horse that's in our care look good for anything that might show up anytime *Horse Show, Play Day*. We wash the horse' s mane and tail every month. We brush them 3rd day lightly, so they still have a lot of thick hair left. When we wash there hair we wash their whole ba
Barrel Racing
We can train your horse to barrel race if you need some help with it. Our lesson cost $25. We will teach them to take off after the 3rd barrel is rounded, we will teach the rider to not get to close to the barrel when he/she comes around (basics). This is just a little bit we will do. By the end of the training the rider and the horse might have a better relationship then what they had. We will place a different colored barrel everyday of training so the horse won't get spooked at anytime.
Pole Training- The horse will first be lead around the pole (If the horse brought in to us is already been around poles before he will be riden around the pole) after that we will get on the horse and walk around the poles a few times, then we will get the horse into a trot and so on and so forth until she/he realizes what to do and to take off in right at the beginning and to slow down near the end of the pole line right before your about to turn for just $35.
We will try to make your horse fit like this one right here.

Caballos Leave Hoof Prints On Our Heart
Hello, this is Caballos. We train, brake, help any horses that people would like. We are new and would like if you the customers to help with that. How? You can come check us out, just drive down Hawk Pond Road you should see a lot of fields, a barn, a stable and some round pens, spread the word on how great it looks/is over here.
Mane/Tail Care
People should come to Caballo, because we bond/let the horse know us before we start training or do anything with them. What will happen is that your horse will come, they will have one trainer at the beginning but at the end a different trainer so the horse in training can get used to the different weight and the different way people ride. You should come to us also cause we have a lot of land for the horses to roam on.
Why Chose This Business
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