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Road Map To Life

No description

Emily Romo

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Road Map To Life

Road Map To Life
Three years later on the 11th of June in Dallas Texas Natalie Romo Leyva was born.
With a huge imagination and a curious unique personality Natalie is the mddle child of three.
As a whole my family is a loud, social, passionate, outspoken that doesn't mind working hard to get where they need to be or standing up for what they believe in.
They are supportive, always there when needed, and push me to go above and beyond.
Born on June 27, 2000 in Anaheim California to the proud parents of Linda and Redolfo Romo was
Emily C. Romo Leyva.
A- Honor Roll
That same year I was rewarded my first A- Honor Roll certificate.
Coming in as the youngest of all three of us Rudy J.A Romo Leyva was a loud, hyper active eight year old was born on the 21st of August in 2006.
Currently working as Auto Mechanic Technician Redolfo Romo Romero is the supporting father of all three children.
4th Grade
In entering the fourth grade like every other year I struggled to maintain information.
Mrs. Hobbs my teacher at the time made it her mission for me to maintain information, making it the first year that I wasn't required to go to summer school.
Showing me that I can get where I want to be by hard work and patience.
Like ballet I was enrolled into a tap class were I spent about a year enrolled.
This made me realize that maybe dance is not for me.
As shocking as this may sound at the age of four I was enrolled into a ballet classes to were like any other ballerina I practiced and I performed. However for me that was the first year that I performed to a live audience on stage.
Perfect Attendence
In the second grade I was awarded my first of many perfect attendance rewards.
5th Grade
I was very involved my fifth grade year, that year I joined Glass Slippers which was basically like their version of Lady's Club. This club made me realize that I like being involved in the community.
A year later,volunteering as the one of many who supported Kaylee in the success of her battle against cancer. I and many others supported Kaylee by wearing a crown as our badge and walking around showing our support for the warrior princess. Kaylee inspired me to cherish life and to strive to work harder to get where I want to be.
That same year I decided to take Choir as an extra curricular. With every performance I felt like I was slowly but surely getting over my stage fright.
6th Grade Art Class
That first year that I was put into an art class I really didn't expect gain anything of it, just wanted to pass the class and be done. However as the year progress I found myself forming a liking in creativity and being able to express it.
I took art again in the seventh grade because of that passion.
Media Arts
Wanting to find a different way to express my creativity that year I was given a choice to choose one of each; Art, Theater Arts, or Media Arts. Seeing as I have already taken regular art more than once and Theater wasn't really going to go well with my stage fright I went with Media Arts. There I found that I enjoyed creating little skits, acting in them and being really involved in many events.
8th Grade
My eighth grade year was the first year that I was placed in all Pre-AP classes.
Planning Out My Future High School Career
Striving For My Goal
Currently working as a treasury banker at Bank of America Linda Romo leyva is the mother of all three children.
For the rest of my four years here at Collegiate I am planning to become more involve, maintain my GPA, and completely break my procrastinating streak in a whole.
In order to reach my goal I will use the following resources:
1. Stiking to all and any rules and steps I set that will help me achieve my goal
2. Keeping good communication
3. Going above and beyond
Using these resources I am going to follow the following steps:
1. Being and staying organized.
2. Having good study skills.
3. Becoming a strong active listener.
4. Being proactive in all of my work.
5. Always keeping up with my GPA.
As my goal I would like to graduate from High School with a high GPA possibly a 4.0 with enough hard work and getting accepted to the college of my choice.
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