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Flames in Frames

No description

Meagan McCormick

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Flames in Frames

Flames in Frames
Mission & Vision
Product Line
Year 1:
1. Create a customer base
2. Make a defined profit
3. Use minimal amount of venture capital
4. Focus on Candle Parties

Year 3:
1. Maintain customer loyalty
2. Expand customization consulting
3. Increase profit by 5%
4. Add online store front

Year 5:
1. Expand target market
2. Maintain customer loyalty
3. Increase profit by 5%
Marketing Analysis
will provide a various selection of home décor products...

It is our wish to highlight a part of our customer’s life story in a candle that represents a piece of themselves.

Candles are a moldable medium with the ability to be; environmentally friendly, change waxes, colors, containers, and much more.
To be a thriving inventive business that encourages customers and staff alike to use their imagination in designing their home décor to fit their own personalities or the aura they wish to give off in their personal space with a customer approval rate of 90% or more.
Mission Statement
To introduce functional, artistic, inspirational products to families within and outside the community that motivates customers to create or find the perfect home décor products that showcase their personalities in all of the frequent environments.
Vision Statement:
First Target Markets:
Customers looking for party opportunities
Customers looking for a more personal gift giving experience
Social Media
Flyers in high traffic areas
Crafting or area magazines and newspapers
Portage, MI on 299 W. Center Avenue.
50,000 people within Portage city limits, with approximately 110,000 people in the four bordering county subdivisions
economically successful area with a calculated average household income of roughly $70,000.
Portage also has a steady economy with steady employment with unemployment only being around 3.5%
Custom Selection
Identification Codes
Fun to Make
Flames in Frames
Frame Tale
Example Flyer:
What Sets Us Apart?
Less Hassle
Enjoyable for Most Ages
Financial Analysis
Loan Sought: $92,000
Minor Renovations
Appliances To Take Products To Next Level
• Freesia
• Green Thumbs Garden (combinations of flowers)
• Lavender
• Fresh Linen
• Blue Jeans
• Orange
• Fresh Apple Pie
• Pumpkin Pie
• Almond Butter
• Tropical Combinations
• Beach Breeze
• Mocha
• Fresh Cut Pine
• Maple Syrup
• Bacon
• Apple Cinnamon
• Vanilla
• Vanilla & Hazelnut
• Eucalyptus
• Black Tea & Orange & Blue Jeans (Personal Favorite)

Need That Perfect Gift?
Thank You For Your Time!
Romantic Date?
Our Key Players
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