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How does the length of the string affect the hang time of th

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Caitlyn Gruber

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of How does the length of the string affect the hang time of th

If we use longer sting then the parachute will land quicker.

IV: Length of string
DV: Hang time
CG: No parachute
Constants: Washer, type of sting and, height of drop


: push or pull
: resistance on an objects surface
Air resistance
: a force that acts against an object
: a force pulling on an object
: the changing of speed or direction
Terminal Velocity
: final velocity where the object cannot accelerate anymore

Newtons Laws of Motion
: An object in motion stays in motion unless a force acts against it. An object at rest stays at rest unless a force acts against it. (Inertia)

: Force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma)

3rd: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Motion of the Parachute
Once we dropped the parachute air resistance was acting on it. The longer string caused the surface area to be bigger, which caused there to be more air resistance.
Description of the Length of the string on the parachute
The length of the strings were a set of 45cm, 30cm, and 15cm. The longer the string, the longer the hang time was, which caused more air resistance. Gravity was pulling on the object all the time, but with the shorter strings, gravity was applying more force.
sketch #1
sketch #2
How does the length of the string affect the hang time of the parachute?
Hypothesis and Variables
Sketch #3
Summary of results
In our hypothesis, we stated that the longer the strings the shorter the hang time. We ended up finding out that our hypothesis was declined. For the 45cm strings the average hang time was 4.68 seconds. For the 30cm strings the average hang time was 4.21 seconds. Lastly, the average for the 15cm strings was 2.21 seconds. We observed that the longer the strings,, the bigger the surface area of the parachute. Since the surface area was larger for the 45cm strings this causes more air resistance which means a longer hangtime.
Real Life situation
A real life situation would be sky diving. A person would rather have longer strings on the parachute because it causes a longer hang time.
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