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Akshat and Thvisha Affect and Achieve Vocab Words

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on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Akshat and Thvisha Affect and Achieve Vocab Words

Acedemic Vocab
By Akshat Ananthu and Thvisha Masireddy
Affect is a word that many people get confused with effect. An effect is what happens because of something. An affect is when you produce a response or reaction. All of the time, there is an effect caused by an affect.
A Video!
This video will help you learn the difference between affect and effect and when to use them.
Play our short quiz on Kahoot!
The words affect and acheive are both academic vocabulary words so they are manly used in places where you would learn. The word affect would probably be used in math, science, or english class. In science class you would think of a chemical reaction where something blows up when you think of affect or just mixing sugar into coffee.The word acieve is usally used in places where you would earn something, mabye all classes. Acheive you might think of winning a huge compitition or just a getting simple sticker for behaving good. All words have a huge span of word compatibility but these words have an even bigger span.
The words affect and achieve are not hard words to remember. Just remember, achieve is to accomplish and affect is a reaction made by the character or something else.
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