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OUT with the old; IN with the new

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Destahne' Alfred

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of OUT with the old; IN with the new

Destahne, MJ, John, Jean & Nhan
From Pre-modernity to Post-modernity society has been reconstructed.
Old ideas were slowly filtered OUT and new thoughts were intergrated into society.
At the dawn of the twentieth century, the world was in motion!
"its place, the art and literature of the period reflect an increasing sense of the absurdity of modern life, the fragmentation of experience, and the futility to even daring to hope."
Our group chose the more positive outlook on modernity, A World of Wonder and the Origins of the new!
Culture and ideas revolutionized and revamped the culture of the people in the Western World.
"Western art and literature seemed fundamentally different from art before the war; the spirit of optimism that marked the era of invention and innovation in the years before 1914 had evaporated."
OUT with the old; IN with the heartbeat of modern life.
still photographs suddenly found itself animated in the moving picture.
Experimentation with new means of expression, including film, flourished.
In 1905, Nickelodeon was the first motion-picture theater in the world
"Human beings now spend an inordinate amount of our time interacting with non-existant"
Artist like Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, & Vince Van Gogh broke pre-modern tradition.
As we increasingly take greater strides in technology innovation, humanity is using their brain less and less.
The line between man and machine is increasingly being blurred.
Never have we had greater access to knowledge clicks away then we do now
limitless information is now just a few clicks away
mostly science friendly
senses and reason
emphasize pursuit of happiness
mind/body value
Super nature
mostly religion friendly
emphasize duty, and badness(sin)
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