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Week Three: Cultural Code-Breaking, Part 1

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Gene Maynard

on 11 July 2018

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Transcript of Week Three: Cultural Code-Breaking, Part 1

MBS583 Culture/Counterculture
Three "Q" Measurements
Types of CQ
Knowlege CQ
= the language, values, assumptions and practices of another culture AND an honest awareness of my own cultural background
The "First Domino" Exercise
Breaking the Cultural Code
Ed Stetzer: Engaging Culture
6 Things Cultural
Code-Breakers Do
What Code-Breakers Do
Interpretive CQ
measures our awareness and understanding of what we are experiencing
Perseverance CQ
measures the level of interest, drive and motivation to adapt cross-culturally
Behavioral CQ
refers to our ability to adapt to whatever context we are in
You are leading an American team to plant a church in China. What must you do first, second, third, etc.
Calling from God to a Group of People
Not just to ministry in general
Exegete the Surrounding Community
Study how God is working in similar communities
Identify God's unique vision
for your church
Adapt that vision to your specific context
Spend LESS time trying
to find the generic solution
"70,000 churches are doing this. It's gotta be great!"
"Let's do that. It's working in a bunch of churches."
Spend MORE time asking why people in their community have not yet responded
Spend LESS time asking what some other church is doing that works
Spend MORE time building relationships with lost people
Spend MORE time deciphering their community and bringing the unchanging gospel to their rapidly changing community
Spend LESS time looking for
the next anointed thing
Summary of Contextualization
due tonight
next assignment -- POV -- due July 9
exegete their own soul
C S Lewis
Dr. Gene Maynard
June 25, 2018
Without "Q" Ministry Is Nearly Impossible
IQ measures intellectual capacity.
EQ measure how aware we are of our emotions and how we handle them
CQ measures ability to move seamlessly in and out of various cultural contexts
David Livermore: Cultural Intelligence
TED talk: Cultural Difference in Business
The "First Domino" Exercise
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