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je per

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of JROTC

Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Battalion 2012-2013 event that we have do though out the year Purpose and Agenda Events Battalion Commander
Command Sergeant Major
Battalion Executive Officer
Battalion Commander S5- C/CT
Samantha Lea S6- C/CPT
Jacob Larrumide S3- C/MAJ
Ralston Curiel S2- C/CPT
Jerry Perez-Roach Purpose:
Provide an overview of Battalion events and responsibilities of key leaders in JROTC Battalion
Chain of Command BNCO: c/LTC Quaylan Webb
BNXO: c/MAJ Rey Zamora
BNCSM: c/CSM Noah Adkins
S-1: c/CPT Evan Pape
S-2: c/CPT Jerry Perez-Roach
S-3: c/MAJ Ralston Curiel
S-4: c/CPT Abigail Plexico
S-5: c/CPT Samantha Lea
S-6: c/CPT Jacob Larrumbide Chain of Command Alpha Co:
Com: c/CPT Tania Ojeda
1Sgt: c/1SG Anthony Basile

Bravo Co:
Com: c/CPT Jesse Reyna
1Sgt: c/1SG Thalia Ojeda Charlie Co:
- Com:c/CPT Seth Ogoc
- 1Sgt: c/1SG Peter Arrellano

Delta Co:
- Com: c/CPT De’ja Wilson
- 1Sgt: c/1SG AlexisThirkield Battalion
Mission and Goals San Juan Guard Unarmed Drill Team
Commanded by Cadet CPT Tania Ojeda
9 Joint National Grand Champion Titles
1 Joint National Reserve Grand Champion Title The Riderettes S1- C/CPT
Evan Pape Battalion Security Officer

Personal Goals:
Attend Yale or Purdue
Major in Aerospace Engineering
Plans on becoming a pilot Battalion Training and Operations Officer
Top 16% of my class
Enrolled in the ETA program
Member of the San Juan Guard Drill Team
Member of the Orienteering and Leadership Team
Member of NHS (National Honor Society)
Accepted to Boys State

Personal Goals:

Attend Norwich University
Major in Criminal Justice
Plan to be officer in the military Battalion Logistics Officer
Member of the JROTC Varsity Precision Rifle Team.
Apart of the Engineering and Technologies Academy.
President of the Roosevelt French Club and Bowling Club.
Captain of the girls bowling team
Member of the Northeast 2 girls all district team
Participating in the regional event for Texas High School Bowling
Safe School Ambassador

Personal Goals:

Attend Texas A&M University
Major in Biomedical Engineering and Medicine
Plan to be a Neurosurgeon Battalion Public Affairs Officer
Been in JROTC for 4 years
Member of saber line
Participate in all community service events with the battalion
Volunteered over 1,300 community service hours with the the Teen Volunteer Program at the YWCA

Personal Goals:

Attend San Antonio College for two years and transfer to The University of Dallas Battalion Automations Officer

Captain of the Roosevelt lacrosse team
Commander of the Rifle Team
Member of Roosevelt's National Honor Society
Member of Technology Student Association
Attend the Engineering Technology Academy
#15 in class ranking
Attend the Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy at UTHSC
Attending American Legion Boys State

Personal Goals:

Attend The Military Academy at West Point
Major in Electrical Engineering or Military Science Weekly meetings conducted on Friday mornings at 07:30
All Staff Officers, Company Commanders, and 1SG take part in meeting Command and Staff Meetings Precision Rifle Team
Commanded by Cadet CPT Jacob Larrumbide
2nd place - Precision Team
1st place - Sporter Team

17 national Rifle Team Championships Rifle Team Physical Training Team Commander: c/CPT Evan Pape
Levels of Teams:
Varsity (7-10 km)
Advanced (5-7 km)
Intermediate (3-5 km)
Beginner (1-3 km) Orienteering Posts the colors at special events such as:
Veteran’s Day Ceremonies
Prep Days/Convocations
Open House
Other special events Company Color guards Color Guard Battalion Command Sergeant Major
Squad leader San Juan Guard
Member of Saber line and Orienteering
Certificate of Appreciation for Public Service to the cities of Shawnee, Oklahoma and Ruston, Louisiana
Personal Goal:
Accepted to Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Academy
Plans to earn a Bachelors Degree and Certificate in Culinary Arts
Then open a restaurant C/CSM Noah Adkins Commander: c/Cpt Jesse Reyna
Football season Spirit Team JROTC 48.3% 22.1% 4.1% 0.7% 10.3% TR 57.4% 15.6% 3.3% 0.5% 4.7% 14.5% 18.5% Black Hispanic White Asian Pacific Islander Other Diversity Mu Alpha Theta President
Regional Vice President
Chapter Treasure
Varsity Rifle Team
Safe School Ambassador
Engineering and Technologies Academy (ETA)
I am in the top 5% of my academic class
Member of the National Honor Society (NHS) Winning Color: Green Battalion Numbers College Night
Career Night
Maintain a college ready atmosphere College Board Collaborate with the S4, the Armor, Rifle Team Commander, and the Drill Team Commander Working with Teams Complete every mission and task in reference to CCR 145-2 Winning Color: Blue Battalion Commander
Summa Cum Laude
National Merit Achievement scholar
Boy State Mayor
Boy State Junior counselor
Sunday School teacher
member of DATA
National Honor Society
Windcrest Optimist Club Student of the Month
Gold Youth Leadership Camp
participates in soccer and track
Personal Goals:
Attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major in Mechanical Engineering Winning Color: Brown C/LTC Quaylan Webb About School Commander's Duties 43 years as an Honor Unit with Distinction
2004 Campus renovations
13 National Drill Championships
6 National Runner Up Champions
17 National Rifle Championships 46 Years of Legacy Winning Color: Green Command Sergeant Major Duties Class Schedule Cadet of the Month C/MAJ Rey Zamora Winning Color: Brown Battalion Executive Officer Duties Headquarters Military Ball Service to the Community Responsible for administrative records and reports and related reporting through JUMS.
Maintain cadet personnel folders.
Publishes all battalion orders.
Maintain the master enrollment roster.
Performs all other duties required by the Battalion Commander, XO, or Army Instructor. S-2 Duties Daily Safety Checks
Sensitive Items Inventory
Updating College Board S-3 Duties Training Schedule Calendar Winning Color: Green S-4 Duties S-4 Shop Winning Color: Green S-5 Duties Newspaper Articles WInning Color: Red S-6 Duties Website First opened for classes in 1966.
Was funded by the 1960 school district bond that also established Churchill High School and the Blossom Athletic Center.
JROTC was established in 1968
1999-2000 Recognized as a Blue Ribbon Campus

Distinguished Alumni
Admiral William H. McRaven - Commander of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and known for running the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.
Jeff Smisek - President and CEO of United Airlines
Scott Coolbaugh - played for Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, and St Louis Cardinals; now a major league baseball coach for the Texas Rangers.
Greg O'Connor - film and television composer, songwriter and record producer.
Quincy Butler - Cornerback for Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams.
Carlyle Holiday - Wide Receiver: Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers The Rough Rider Battalion Make all decisions regarding the operation of the battalion
Ensures a high quality of leadership, morale, training, and operations.
designate particular areas of inspection and/or supervision by members of the staff, and requires necessary reports.
Assumes all other responsibilities and guidance from the Army Instructors. Knows the duties of the Battalion Commander and assumes command of the battalion in the absence of the commander.
Presides over all command and staff meetings.
Coordinate and supervise the cadet staff
Keep Battalion Commander informed in regards to all aspects of the staff
Ensure the orders of the Battalion Commander are thoroughly carried out.
Coordinate community service projects Maintains training reference file and cadet records.
Publishes weekly training schedules
Ensures that respective company
commanders and/or special team commanders are prepared for each event scheduled by the cadet corps.
Maintains a schedule of Events Calendar for the corps of cadets.
Publishes all tasking orders and operation orders throughout the battalion.
Performs all other duties required by the Battalion Commander, XO, or the Army Instructor. Responsible for the maintenance of the classrooms, rifle range, arms room, and supply rooms.
Inspects to ensure the proper cleaning of weapons and other JROTC equipment.
Issues and maintains all uniforms and keeps up to date records in JUMS
Performs all other duties required by the Battalion Commander, XO, or the Army Instructor. Keeps bulletin boards posted in current local and world events.
Works with the school publications teacher and class, local newspaper, radio, and television station for the publishing of news items pertaining to the JROTC program.
Works with the Battalion Commander in formulating the battalion public relations and recruiting program.
Performs all other duties required by the Battalion Commander, XO, or the Army Instructor. In charge of all plans and operations in regards to automation.
Maintain the battalion website - update weekly, crucial to battalion image.
Technology set up in classrooms Smart Boards, laptops, and projector readiness.
Computer maintenance and management.
Performs all other duties required by the Battalion Commander, XO, or the Army Instructor. Supervise all first sergeants
conduct NCO meetings as required.
Ensure flag details to post and retrieve flags daily.
Advise the battalion commander on all matters pertaining to NCO's. Armed Drill Team
Commanded by Cadet MAJ Rey Zamora
4 Joint National Grand Champion titles
4 Joint National Reserve Grand Champion titles. Armed Color Guard Unarmed Color Guard Commander
Cadet LTC Quaylan Webb Commander
Cadet SSG Abigail Gracia Welcome/Overview
Daily Operations
Staff/Community Service
Personnel Administration
Training & Operations
Public Affairs
Special Teams/Conclusion We operate and accomplish the duties given by the instructors or the Battalion Commander in order to efficiently run the Battalion to its highest standards. Staff Overview Military Ball
Our Military Ball was conducted on January 12,2013 at the Fort Sam Club.
The Military Ball is an annual "ball" that is earned by the cadets for showing their dedication and commitment to the Battalion.
It is also a "ball" to motivate the cadets for the future obstacles to come. Throughout our school year, our battalion sends out cadets for various community events. Organizations, such as Rackspace, Windcrest Fire department, and other schools, request color guards or volunteers from the battalion.
Every year for the Battle of Flowers and Fiesta parades, our cadets set up chairs for the community.
We are also involved in raising a large amount of nonperishable food items for the McKinney project every year before the winter holidays. Battalion Adjutant
Member of the UIL Academic Number Sense, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Current Events.
Member of the Roosevelt Latin Club.
Member of the San Juan Guard Drill Team and Colorguard, JROTC Academic Team, and Orienteering.
Member of National Honor Society.
President of the 4-H Club.
#8 in my Academic Class.
In Design And Technology Academy (DATA).
Personal Goals
Attend the United States Naval Academy.
Major in Aeronautical Engineering.
Become an F-35 Lightning Pilot for the USMC Winning Color: Brown S-1 Duties TR
Male: 54.1%
Female:45.9% 145 Grand Total ZERO R/D D 36 C 29 B A CO 37 8 3 Grand Total 90 2 2 1 22 21 18 55 6 10 15 11 25 12 32 F M 2012-2013
Projected 2011-2012 Graduates The Staff Officers Goals: "Excellence in all things"
Develop leadership qualities in all cadets
Retain the Honor Unit with Distinction
97% attendance rate for all cadets, exceeding the 95% school attendance goal
Win the NEISD Superintendents trophy Mission:
To motivate Theodore Roosevelt High School JROTC cadets to be better citizens Academic and Leadership Teams Battalion Strength Ceremonies

Assumption and Command
Veteran's Day
Patriot's Day S4- C/CPT
Abigail Plexico Battalion Executive Officer
Magna Cum Laude
Attended Boy State and Gold Youth leadership camp.
Winner of the Windcrest Optimist Club Award for November 2011
Member of the Engineering Technology Academy. (ETA)
Roosevelt Rough Rider Drill Team Commander. (San Juan Guard)
Personal Goals
Accepted and ready to attend the University Of Texas at San Antonio.
Plans to join AFROTC program.
Want to major in Business and open a Surf Board shop off the coast of California. Competes in online competitions which consist of two rounds. The first round 50% advances. The Second round the top two teams from each category advance.
Advanced to the National JLAB competition twice in the past three years. 2010-2011 and 2012-2013 JROTC
Male: 62.1%
Female: 37.9% October November December January Company Class Period Time A B C D R/D 8:45-9:37 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 8th Zero 0 9:42-10:35 10:40-11:30 11:35-12:25 3:15-4:05 LET Diversity Commander: C/2Lt Matthew Austin
Competes at skill meets in physical activites including running, obstacle courses, etc. The Big Stick & The Big Stick Detachment College Focus Academy Senior ROTC Military Total Graduates 16 0 2 4 20 9 0 2 5 14 145 90 55 Total IV III II I Female Male Total 27 40 67 13 25 38 12 17 29 3 8 11 February
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