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Was The Neolithic Revolution The Worst Mistake In Human History?

The pros and cons of the Agriculture Revolution.

Raquel Plemons

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Was The Neolithic Revolution The Worst Mistake In Human History?

The Neolithic Revolution The pros and cons The pros and cons Compare/Contrast (Agricultural Revolution) The Neolithic Revolution World Map The Pros -It was the start of technology. That caused information to spread faster then ever before.
-It was the start of literacy. Caused people to start writing everything down, make everything more accurate. Started new languages and books.
-Animal domestication, it started farming, made trading and traveling easier. Helped to build stronger military with horses.
-Architecture, built temples, houses, buildings in wich people could live and worship in.
-Metals, helped with building and advanced architecture.
-The government started laws in wich protected people.
-Advanced warfare helped protect your people and your town. The Cons -Cites cause over population and
-War also causes pollution and
destruction, as well as fighting for
land ownership. People want to control
everything, and everybody.
-Social inequality causes some people
to get more rights and treated better
then other people. The rich or higher
ranks are treated better then the poor
or lower ranks. H-G Pastoral Nomads Sedentary People -Stays in the same place.
-Produces more food with farming.
-Crowded/over populated
-Farmers, grown their own food.
-Usually a lot more diverse
and different religions.
- Have rankings of people. -Each have their
own clan
or family
certain plants and
animals -Hunters, kill and
pick their own food.
-Move around from place to place, no home.
-Usually one major religion.
-People come and go as they want. -All food is obtained from wild plants and animals.
Their society moves around.
-Have no agricultre Similar Llama
alpaca Egypt Mesopotamia China India Mesoamerica The Andes Water Buffalo Cow Cattle Alias ox Pig Donkey Arabian
Camel Mithan Bali cattle Horse Yak Bactrian camel pig goat Sheep Reindeer Corn, bean, scarlet,
cotton, squashes Maygrass, knotweed,
Jerusalem artichoke,
squash Corn, lima bean, peanut
cotton, Jicama, squashes African rice, pearl millet, cowpea,
cotton, African g. yams, watermelon Emmer wheat, barley,
pea, flax, muskmelon Teff, finger millet,
pea, flax Wheat rice, green gram,
black gram, cotton, cumcumber Sugarcane, yams, taro Fortail millet, rice, mung bean,
hemp The Neolithic Revolution (or the Agricultural
Revolution was the first major change to
create our modern civilization. It happened
during th new stone age, and it caused more
consistent food supplies, and less variety of food supplies, especially protein, vitamins, and minerals. The Neolithic Revolution caused people
who were Hunter-gatherers to stop being
nomads and start staying in one place
and have a permanent home. Those
people started farming, domestication
of animals and plants, technology, and
modern day architecture. Today this
type of society is known as a sedentary
society. Is It Good Or Bad? Was the Neolithic revolution good or bad you maybe asking. Let me explain. If you say that it was a good thing here are some things you should consider. After the revolution when advanced weapons were created, that means the wars would become more serious, you now have bomb threats, guns, explosions, before the revolution it was just a bunch of sword fighting. Also People are now ranked, which means the poor were treated with no respect. All the respect went to the rich men, not even rich women got enough respect. Also cities create so much pollution. If you said the Neolithic revolution was a bad thing, here are some things you should consider. The revolution was the start of technology, literacy, architecture, and so many other beautiful things that make the world more advanced and healthier then before. The Parthenon Air Pollution Conclusion Overall I think that the Neolithic Revolution was good for humanity. I think this because without it we would not have all of this wonderful advanced architecture, medicine and technology that connects people and spreads ideas, rules, and beliefs. Without it you would not have the diversity of people today that make up our nations, people with a million different thoughts that have the power to bring people together. Although there are some bad effects, I think the good outshine the bad. So this is why I think the Neolithic revolution was a good thing.
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