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Finding Inner Happiness in Middle School

No description

Alexa Zara

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Finding Inner Happiness in Middle School

Middle School.
Probably the most
external place on the planet. Social Rank = Image = Happiness
Right? From the sports you play, to the boots you wear.
Everything matters. Your social rank is dependent on who you are externally. Wrong. This glass represents happiness.
When your glass is full, you have reached complete inner happiness. But trying to fill your glass with external possessions, will ultimately fail. Because in middle school,
everybody tries to fill their
glass with external possessions. And as a girl in middle school, filling
my glass of happiness is a challenge. Why? Because no matter what
a person gets or achieves,
there is always one more
thing they'll want. They will
never fill their glass. Control of the outer
world doesn't start from
the outside... Control starts from within. The Basis of Meditation = Mind Training So what can we do to fill our
glass of happiness? Well... So... Meditation With meditation, you are able
to access your inner self. And as a result, you can
better control your emotional
and physical reactions. Meditation takes a lot of
time and practice, and I'm
willing to make that
investment. But it will be a while before
I fully master the art of
meditation. Until then, the next time
I see a cute pair of shoes,
or an outfit I just can't live
without... I'll remember that buying it
will add to a glass that will
never fill. Hopefully by taking these
steps, I will achieve complete
inner happiness. Matthieu Ricard
Habits of Happiness
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