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The Mary Celeste

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of The Mary Celeste

The Mystery of The Mary Celeste
By: Paola, Samantha, and Lisbeth

What is the Mystery?
The Mary Celeste is also called an "abandoned ship". It was under full sail and not a soul onboard. This is a mystery because "her crew vanished without a trace of a struggle, the ship still fully provisioned."
The Departure and Arrival
Captain David Morehouse left New York City on the Mary Celeste and should have arrived in Genoa, Italy but the ship mysteriously changed direction.
Where and when did it take place?
It took place on December 4th 1872. The ship was entering the Bay of Gibralter.
Different Theories
We think that a natural disaster on the sea occurred (tsunami, seaquake or waterspout). this then caused them to jump into a life boat, scared for their lives. Our theory is that a tsunami was coming and they were scared and left. This is what makes most sense to us.
Crazed Mutiny: people thought the crew got drunk and killed everyone else before escaping ( untrue)
Criminal Conspiracy: people thought pirates attacked the ship and faked finding it to gain money from a salvage
Alien Abduction: aliens were thought to have "whisked away the crew " (not true)

More Theories
Natural Disaster: waterspout, seaquake, making the crew climb into the lifeboat
Alcohol Explosion: fumes escaped and either they thought there would be an explosion or there was one and escape
What is our Theory?

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