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No description

Ally DeRado

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Animals

More Chinese Animals Chinese Animals Peacocks and leopards Comparing
Chinese and Indian
Animals India (arid) Giant Panda - Festival on March 12th
Siberian Tiger - zodiac animal
Leopard - bravery
Red Panda - man
Red Fox - afterlife
Wolf - loyalty Asian Elephant - strength
Chinese Forest Musk Deer - wealth
Sable - wealth
Sika Deer - long life
Elk - long life
Monkey - driving away evil spirits Indian Animals Asian Elephant - wisdom
Asiatic Lion - courage
Leopard - warrior
Bengal Tiger - power
Indian Flying Fox - intelligence
Red Panda - shinning cat More Indian Animals Indian Monkey - fun
Peacock - beauty
Leech - blood - sucking worm
Tibetan Wolf - dangerous
Barking Deer - heavenly
Himalayan Black Bear - strength Same Animals Red Pandas
Asian Elephants
Leopards Same Species Foxes
Monkeys India (tropical) Monkeys, tigers, elephants, leopards, and leeches China
(Tropical) tigers, elephants, leopards and monkeys India (temperate) Deer, wolves, foxes, lions,
tigers, and pandas
Also elephants, peacocks and monkeys China (temperate) Pandas, tigers, elephants, deer, and wolves
Also foxes, elks, and monkeys China (arid) Leopards Thanks for Listening
?Any Questions? By
Ally DeRado Animal Video Resources http://thewebsiteofeverything.com/animals/mammals/Carnivora/Felidae/Panthera/Panthera-tigris.html
ZooNooz Magazine
A Book About Pandas by Ruth Below Gross
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