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Luke Hemmings

No description

Skylar Copland

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings
Famous For What?
Luke is famous for being in a band. His bands name is "5 Seconds Of Summer". The band consists of four members: Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood. In the band Luke plays guitar (acoustic and electric), and he is also the lead vocals, Ashton plays drums, Michael plays guitar (acoustic and electric) and backup vocals, and Calum plays bass (can also play acoustic guitar), and does vocals.
Luke's Family
Luke Robert Hemmings was born July, 16th, 1996 in Sydney Australia. He is 17 years old. Luke's parents names are Liz and Andrew Hemmings. He has two brothers named Jack and Ben Hemmings. Luke's dogs name is Molly.
Facts About Luke
Luke is pure Australian. Luke's mom is a math teacher. Luke is in extensions math (coincidence?) and he "dominates" in science according to Michael. Luke's star sign is a cancer. Luke says that he is the most responsible out of the band, and always takes things more seriously.
Luke's Favourites
Luke's favourite singer is Josh Ramsay. Luke's favourite animal is a penguin. One of Luke's favourite T.V shows is "How I Met Your Mother". Luke's favourite food is pizza. His favourite topping is pepperoni. Luke's favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream. Luke's favourite colour is blue. Luke and Calum's favourite movie is "Anchor Man". Luke likes Ham and Cheese. His favourite song on the EP is "Beside You".
Facts About 5 Seconds Of Summer
5 Seconds Of Summer is and Australian pop/rock band, formed in Sydney, Australia in December of 2011. The members of 5 Seconds Of Summer are Luke Hemmings (lead vocals, guitarist), Ashton Irwin (drums), Michael Clifford (vocals, guitarist), and Calum Hood (bass, vocals). Luke, Calum, and Michael attended the same school, Norwest Christian College.
5 Seconds of Summer were the subject of interest for One Direction following the release of their first single, Out Of My Limit, on November 19th 2012, with Niall Horan tweeting the link to the video clip for it.
Luke, Michael, and Calum, joined together and posted video's of themselves singing covers of songs, on YouTube. December 2011, they were joined by there drummer Ashton Irwin.
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