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MuseEbooks.com - Prezi

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Noël Slangen

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of MuseEbooks.com - Prezi

According to the directory ‘Museums of the world’ there are 55.000 museums in the world.

Most of them publish wonderful and colourful books and catalogues, featuring work from excellent contemporary and classic artists.

Unravelling the catalogues of the worlds best museums.
books.com is a website where you can read Museum catalogues and books digitally.
new and innovative interface
art like its meant to be appreciated.
browse images only or go to the text when you want to.
discover the pleasure of zooming into every detail of the art you admire.
1. buy a catalogue in an online-version.
(Perhaps, you even received a free voucher from the museum you visited, which you can then enter into Muse
2. buy the actual book online and we send it to your home.
3. pay a monthly Spotify-like ‘acces all’-fee.

books.com will feature all of the most important museums of the world.
books.com lets you discover new artists and explore your favorite artists or museums.
Explore expert-lists.
Collect the 100 essentials.
Manage your collections.
Use your art on your television-screen.
What can you do.
MuseE receives a percentage of the book and catalogue sales.
The income of the fixed-subscriptions are distributed among the museums according to the numbers of readers.
The museums use an easy-to-use interface to load their catalogues.
The ‘must have-houses’ get a pay in advance.
Other museums join in on a non-exclusive base.
Some museums pay ot have their files uploaded.
The museums can sell on their own websites from out of our platform.
The software recognizes and organises the pictures for easy viewing.
The catalogue is owned by the museum, the interface by Muse
Founders of MuseE are:
Entrepreneur and former communication advisor Noël Slangen
Respected art-publisher at ‘Ludion editions’ Peter Ruyfelaere
Tech-specialist Dominique De Rijcke of BM Group.
books.com is a concept to implement worldwide, serving the large number of art lovers everywhere.
Distributing these books digitaly and worldwide is nearly impossible for these museums.

Until now.
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