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Designing Effective Units

Understanding by Design

Kristen Shand

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Designing Effective Units

What's the GOAL?
Stage 1
Identify Desired Results
(Goals and Objectives)
Stage 2
Determine Acceptable Evidence (Assessments)
Stage 3
Plan Learning Experiences (Content Delivery and Student Engagement)
What knowledge and skills will students aquire?
What content standards are targeted?
What are the goals for learning transfer?
What meanings should students make of the content?
What driving questions should students consider?
What performances and products will reveal evidence of learning?
By what criteria will performance be assessed?
What additional evidence will be collected to evaluate progress toward the goal?
How are assessments aligned to goals and standards?
Start planning with a goal in mind
Planning "backwards" helps you develop a road map to get to your destination successfully
What activities, experiences and lessons will lead to achievement of the desired results?
How will progress be monitored?
How will the learning plan help students achieve meaning, acquisition and transfer?
How will the unit be sequenced and differentiated to optimize achievement for all learners?
Are the student engagement activities aligned with the goals and assessments?
Designing Effective Units
Based on Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTigue
How do we design instruction to maximize student learning?
Following this 3 stage process will help you meet the goal of designing an effective unit to meet your student's learning needs
What are the big ideas?
What is the final destination?

To realize what you want students to know and be able to do, consider the following questions...
What are Essential Questions?
questions that form ongoing and important inquiries about a big idea
provoke deep thought and sustained inquiry
cannot be answered "yes" or "no"...there will be many diverse answers
require students to weigh evidence, consider alternatives and support and justify their answers.
Essential Questions
are usually supported with
Unit Questions
Unit Questions are....
broad questions that focus on particulars of a specified unit.

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