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Shakespeare's affect on the Renaissance

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Sean Baucom

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Shakespeare's affect on the Renaissance

Shakespeare's affect on the Renaissance
How are women positively and negatively represented in in WS's plays?Give an example from Hamlet.
Women display intelligence, vitality and a strong sense of personal independence, but are also crazy, evil, and controlling.

An example of this from Hamlet would be Gertrude who was hamlets mother. She was made to be crazy and evil but wanted his love.
Who were WS's audience members? What kinds of messages did Ws relay to his audience?
The audience was a mix of rich and poor people.
(poor people were called groundings.)

Why are William Shakespeare's WS works still read and studied in present day? Why is WS Popular?
His work is still very important to this day because a lot of his work has shown to be similar to modern day things.
To whom were WS's sonnets directed? What is the controversy regarding WS's literary works?
They were mainly directed towards an aristocratic young man who did not want to marry.
Most sonnets represented a dark woman, who men seemed to have mixed feelings for.
When was the Renaissance period? What were the three core values of the Renaissance period? Connect them to Shakespeare. How did the Renaissance influence Shakespeare's writing?
Renaissance means "Rebirth". The renaissance took place from 1300-1700. There were 3 core values to the renaissance; individualism, humanism, secularism.
Shakespeare started to create human characters as well as exploring character humanities, no matter their role. He also Utilized knowledge of greek and roman writings that were previously suppressed by the catholic church.
Shakespeare will be some of the most challenging reading you will attempt. What are some reading tips to ensure or success?
Where is the real Elsinore located?
The play is called a revenge tragedy. What is a revenge tragedy?
The charge of incest is placed on the conscience of Gertrude and Claudius. What is the crime of incest then and now?
They were known to be loud and hot tempered! Many poor payed a penny to stand next to the stage while the rich would pay as much as half a crown to sit in a shaded patio area.
The messages relayed to the audience were about an upcoming world full of love, hate and political problems.
some of the best ways to understand shakespeare is to :
-Find annotated copies.
-Reread/at out plays.
-Read a plot synopsis.
It is located in Denmark.
A revenge tragedy os a style of drama/quest for vengeance.
from 16th-17th century.
Carnage and mutilation.
the crime is taken much more serious now!
Back then it was not taken as serious and especially not in the royal families.
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Characters and relations
Hamlet the ghost: Former danish king. Hamlets father.
Hamlet the prince:Prince of denmark, main character.
Claudius:Current king of Denmark, Hamlets uncle
Gertrude:Danish Queen, Hamlets mother.
Ophelia:Polonius's daughter.
Horatio: Hamlets friend in college.
Polonius: Claudius's chancellor.
Laertes: Polomius's son.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstem:Hamlet are university students. They ask claudius to take care of by Hamlet.
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