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Marketing Mix Of Jasmine

No description

Ng Wen

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Mix Of Jasmine

Marketing Mix Of Jasmine
Personal Selling
Jasmine’s products are distributed through a comprehensive network of dealers nationwide, including high traffic hypermarkets and supermarkets, minimarkets, sundry shops and others.
Distribution Channel
Pricing Strategies
5 Level Of Product
Core benefit- Food
Rice Basic Product-Rice
Expected Product-High Quality Rice
Augmented Product- Air Tight Cortaniner Packaged Premium Rice
Potential Product-Air Tight Container Packaged Healthy Rice
Jasmine Food Cooperate Sdn bhd
Product Mix Decision
Pack and sell together
To let customer try new products
5 Criteria show that Jasmine is one of the top three brands in the Malaysian market :
Market leader in fragrance rice
First rice company introduce fragrance rice
One and only company offers money-return guarantee
Introduced Royal Siam fragrant rice, a top end product befitting royalty in 2011
Rated the most frequently purchased brand in an AC Nielson and NFO market survey.
Stringent processing methods to ensure the final products packed are clean, hygienic and safe
Imported rice: the rice goes through a destoning process to remove any remaining foreign particles, and colour sorting to ensure consistency and quality
Local rice: through the steam-drying process and general milling machinery, sorting and then packed fresh from the factory for the market
This label shows that Jasmine giving better value for customers
Jasmine Food is providing a first-in-the-industry Product Guarantee for its products
Allows a consumer who is dissatisfied with the Jasmine product purchased, to return it for a refund
seller’s promotional presentation which is conducted on a person to person basis with the retailers
During peak seasons, like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa, Jasmine Company will take this opportunity to
advertising their product
mass communication channels
, such as TV, radio, newspapers, billboards and giving promotion to attract consumers buying their products
Sales Promotion
Display booths and sampling activity
in the supermarket or hypermarket during Saturday or Sunday to attract more people in buying their products.
Factors Influencing Choice
of Promotional Mix
Nature of the market
Jasmine firms use large sales, so they are using advertising and personal selling strategy to do their promotion.
Nature of the product
Jasmine firms is B2B market, the promotional mix for a convenience product is likely to involve more emphasis on manufacturer advertising and less on personal selling
Jasmine rice is a middle cost product , hence, Jasmine firms will do advertisement to promote their promotion on TV during peak seasons only
Distribution intensity
Jasmine Food (Seremban) Sdn.Bhd. is practicing an
exclusive distribution
Jasmine Food Corporation Sdn.Bhd. had grants exclusive rights its brunch in different area only so that it can protect their brand from
and to protect its
Jasmine Food (Seremban) Sdn.Bhd. as a wholesaler, setting the price at the level of comparable offerings which is most profitable for the producers and justifiable for the consumers.
Factor determination in pricing
Price of rice fixed by the government
Doing the cost and revenue analysis so that they can setting the price more profitable
The government also given subsidy
Seremban Brunch as Wholesaler
Business-to-business transaction
Distribute their variety of rice to the retailers by hired the salesman
Build and manage a good relationship with the retailers
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