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Click to Conversions [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Click to Conversions [Shared]

How Private Lenders Can Generate Leads and Grow Profits Faster Than Ever Before
Who Are We
What We Do
What You’ll Learn
Phase 1
How to Get Traffic (at-will)
Phase 2
How To Turn Traffic Into Leads
Phase 3
How To Design A Repeatable Sales System That Turns Leads Into Customers
Phase 4
The Key Metrics You Need To Know To Make Data Driven Decisions
The Secret To Online Business Success
Marketing M

“Can this really work for my business?”
“I have tried this in the past but it didn’t work”
“I have a small budget, can this work for me?”
“Facebook Ads don’t work”
There is no beginning and end with marketing, just ascension.
Phase 1
Phase 1
How to Get Traffic (at-will)
Why Are Facebook Ads So Powerful?
Leveraging the immense wealth of data Facebook has
Custom Audiences
The Power of Pixels
Controlling and owning your markets traffic
Example: Attracting Real Estate Flippers
Targeting Custom Audiences
People Who Match
Than Merrill,
Dean Graziosi,
Robert Kiyosaki,
Preston Ely,
Ron LeGrand,
Russ Whitney,
The Millionaire Next Door
Armando Montelongo
Phoenix, AZ: Audience Size = 360,000
People Who Match
Home renovation,
Semi-Independent Investors,
Independent Investors,
Real estate investments,
Personal investments
Real estate investing
What Does A Good Facebook Ad Consist Of?
How To Turn Traffic Into Leads
Phase 2
Principles of a high performing landing page

Clear and specific offering
Reduce distractions
Social proof
Excellent Copy
Find the pain
Begin with generosity
Free and easy (no brainer)
Mobile friendly
Landing Page Example 1
Pixels and Retargeting
What happens if they click on the ad but don’t opt-in?
Building a pixeled audience to retarget
Controlling your regions traffic
Phase 3
Building Your Sales System
Architecting Your Sales System
Finding the automated “Path To Purchase”
Indoctrination Process
Response triggers framework
Qualifying your leads
Private Lender Sales System
(exact strategy we would recommend)
PL: Recommended Sales System
Response Trigger
How to Find Funding for Your Next Real Estate Deal
Facebook Ads
Free Download
Content Strategy
Invite to Schedule 1-on-1 Call
2-Part Email Series
3-Part Email Series
Leads that didn’t buy
36 ways to engage sideliners
Reframe Strategy
Understanding The Metric
Goals + Objectives
Cost To Acquire A Customer
Earnings Per Click / Cost Per Click
(free gift)
Secret to
Turning advertising costs into profits
Review what they learned
Free Gift
We’ll be around for a few days, feel free to ask us questions.
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