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The Life of a Medieval Noblewoman

No description

Danielle Tarsitano

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of The Life of a Medieval Noblewoman

Daily Life
My daily life followed similar to of my Lord. Most of my days were spent overlooking the household. My normal day started at dawn with mass and prayer. The first meal was breakfast. My lady in waiting always served me.
Early Life
The Life of a Medieval Noblewoman

Clothing and Appearance
The appearance of a noblewoman was very important. A woman aged quicky because of constant child bearing. The diet lacked Vitamin C which caused bad teeth and bleeding gums. To emain the appearance of youth, some women would dye their hair yellow with saffron, cumin seed, and oil. Make-up was put on to have a pale complection.
Noblewomen had a very little, if any choice in who they married. Marriages were arranged so both families could benefit. Marriage for love, was a rare occurrence in the Middle Ages. The law gave the husband full rights over his wife.
The noblewomen of the manor, had many important tasks. She supervised the servants, take care of the manor, run the house, and most importantly; have children. Most medieval women would have four to eight children. They would expect to lose at least one child.
The Manor
I lived on a manor during the feudal system. I often was in charge of supervising the servants. When my Lord was away fighting, i was in charge of the Manor. Along with being in charge, I had to make the important decisions.
A Noblewoman
What is a noblewoman? A noblewoman, or Lady, was a woman from the noble class. Noblewomen played a very important job in the medieval society. She managed the household, preformed necessary medical tasks and watched over the servants. My most important task, was to have children. I had no rights. I was property to my father, husband, or even eldest son.
Like the men in my family, I was sent off to another noble family for training. After I finished my training, I took my duties as the lady of the household. I managed the house an supervised necessary tasks and the servants.
By Danielle Tarsitano
A noblewoman was always being served by her lady in waiting.
Daily Life Without Husbands
If the husband was away fighting, the noblewoman would take charge of the manor and make important decisions. If he had died, her whole routine would be different, until she married someone else.
In this presentation, you have heard as much as you need to know about the average medieval noblewoman. As you can see, noblewoman had very differently lifestyles than us. A noblewoman not only didn't live in complete luxury, but she worked. The life expectancy during the Middle Ages was only forty years old.
A female personal assistant who always served a higher class noblewoman.
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