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PhD Workshop 2/10/2012

No description

Ana Mesquita

on 10 February 2012

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Transcript of PhD Workshop 2/10/2012

The Research The Study Goals Reaching the Goal What to do? Coastal Mass The study should:
Show how research results can be applied.

14 Cities/Towns Coastal Mass (North, South and Cape Cod)
5 Cities/Towns Connecticut River Valley
3 Agencies - CCC; MAPC; Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
What could UMASS (LARP) do to help planners?
Critically evaluate existing knowledge, including background literature and relevant data;

Be well-focused rather than broad and diffuse;

"There are diverse and useful disciplinary contributions and
experiences to build adaptation strategies during the last few
years, but few efforts to create multidimensional approaches
guiding operational strategies; there is growing attention to
integrate adaptation as part of a development process
addressing structural condition causing social and urban
vulnerability.(...) urgency to update and improve our current conceptual
models to address the complex reality of urban areas in an era of
dynamic socioeconomic, and biophysical global changes." Roberto Sanchez-Rodriguez, "Learning to adapt to climate change in urban areas. A review of recent contributions."(2009) Ana Mesquita "It is worth stressing the urgency of building
adaptation strategies to climate change in urban areas.
Further delays incorporating climate change in the design of
new urban constructions can reduce their functionality
and aggravate the negative consequences of climate
change. Efforts in this direction can make a difference
in the livelihood of millions of present and future urban
inhabitants." Roberto Sanchez-Rodriguez,
"Learning to adapt to climate change in urban areas. A review of recent contributions."(2009) The Green Communities Designation and Grant Program, an initiative of the Green Communities Division (Mass.Gov), works with municipalities toward qualification as a Green Community and provides funding to qualified municipalities for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Criteria for Choosing the Cities and Towns

The State of Massachusetts has 74 Green Communities currently, designated as Green Communities through the statewide "Green Communities Grant Program".
Criteria used:
1. Location:
 Coastal cities – 1st phase
 Connecticut River Valley in Ma – 2nd phase
2. Population: between 10.000 and 100.000 (Springfield: 153.060 – Census 2010 and Deerfield – 5.125 (Census 2010)
Connecticut River Valley How CCA has been understood by planners?
How CCA has been addressed by planners?
Where do planners find related service information?
From where do they expect to receive it?
Who do they trust for trainning and info?
Do they have political support from elected officials?
What are the principal barriers?
What do they need to be able to start to address CCA?
What information is missing?

What is the role of planners?
What is the role of the department? Fascinating observation made by Elspeth Huxley (1982): “The best ways to find things out is not to ask questions at all. If you fire off a question, it is like firing off a gun – bang it goes, and everything takes flight and runs for shelter. But if you sit quite still and pretend not to be looking, all the little facts will come and peck round your feet, situations will venture forth from thickets, and intentions will creep out and sun themselves on a stone; and if you are very patient, you will see and understand a great deal more than a man with a gun does.” Turning Point: when you learn that maybe what you've been doing is not the best and could/should be changed...

That’s how I see PLANNING…
2010 2014 2012 2010 September - December 2011 March - July Interviews
North Shore
South Shore
Cape Cod transcripts
excell chart
SNEAPA 2011 2011 August - October 1st Semester... 2011 December Interviews
Connecticut River Valley
MAXQDA 2012 January Interviews
Connecticut River Valley
excell chart
Lit. Review (?) 2012 February - December Literature
Review 2013 2015 Studying for COMPS 2013 January - June 2013 JULY Comprehensive
Exams +
Final Proposal
Approval 2013 August - December 2014 January - December Dissertation Reseach in Brazil + writting Dissertation Research + writting Dissertation Defense “Effective responses to climate change require innovation e technological as well as institutional and relational. Innovations are human adaptations to changing needs and socio-economic conditions, and are therefore embedded in social processes. The concept of social innovation draws attention to the broader, collective dimensions of these adaptive practices.” Daivi Rodima-Taylor, Mette F. Olwig, Netra Chhetri (2012)
"Adaptation as innovation, innovation as adaptation: An institutional approach to climate change."
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