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Software System Failures

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Lamar Ayasrah

on 27 December 2017

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Transcript of Software System Failures

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Software bug. A software bug is an error, flaw , failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways .

What is a software failure?
Sometimes error will happeىى because:
- Failure to conform to specifications:
- wrong output for given input.
- extra output for given inputs or no input.
- lack of management.
- lack of clear specifications.
- equipment failures.
- operating system, compiler and library failures.

some cases in Jordan
Case one: Alawneh Exchange.
Case tow : Islamic international Arab Bank.
Case three: Princess Basma Hospital.
Software System Failures
Lamar Ayasrah

Case one: Alawneh Exchange.
- Alawneh is a partnership to transfer money , whether it is from the province to province or from country to country , and is also specialized in currency conversion .
- last month there was a big problem for this company because of the overload of information on the main server in Amman, which led to the disruption of the system in all branches led to a large loss For the company and increasing the pressure on employees all transactions are written in paper form.

Case tow : Islamic international Arab Bank.
- ATM cards in Arab Islamic Bank have been disrupted.
- The main reason for this is the penetration of the electronic system in those cards.
-The electronic virus that paralyzed the movement of the cards .
-This virus has been warned by the Jordanian National Center for Technology Information This Blanche virus has appeared in America and Eastern Europe 'This virus has been used to disable ATM cards.
This virus has caused many customers to lose.

Case three: Princess Basma Hospital.
- Some hospital rooms in the Princess Basma Hospital have been transformed into "sauna" .
- breakdown of the air conditioning system in the hospital.
- The director of Princess Bassam Hospital in Irbid, Dr. Akram Al-Khasawneh .
- admitted that a central air conditioning unit has been disrupted for 3 days , and is currently being repaired by the implementing company.
- He pointed out that the disruption of the unit led to the separation of air conditioning on some of the patients' rooms.
- He said they started maintenance adjustment as soon as possible, He pointed out that all the rooms of the patients are serviced by the central air conditioning system, in addition to separate air conditioners and fans.

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