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Eleanor Of Aquitaine

No description

Jess Mahoney

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Eleanor Of Aquitaine

Eleanor Of Aquitaine
By: Emme, Kate, and Jess

Who is Eleanor of Aquitaine?
Born, unknown date
In 1137, after her brother and father died, she inherited large amounts of land from her father and soon became the Dutchess of Aquitaine at the age of 15
July 1137 married Louis VII
From 1147 to 1149 Eleanor and Louis went on the second crusade to take back the holy city of Edessa
March 1152, Louis and Eleanor's marriage was annulled
After the annulment was granted Eleanor married king Henry of England on May 18, 1152
In 1173, Henry imprisoned Eleanor after she supported her son in a revolt against him
1189, Eleanor was released
July 6 , 1189 Eleanor was widowed
1204, Eleanor of Aquitaine died and was buried with Henry and her son Richard. By the time she died she had outlived all of her children except John and Eleanor
Portrait Of Eleanor Of Aquitaine
born in 1122 in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
one of the most powerful and fascinating personalitys of feudal Europe
married Louis VII of France at age 15
married until 1152
than married Henry the 2nd
2 daughters from Louis (Marie and Alix) and 5 sons and 3 daughters from Henry ( William IX, Henry, Richard 1st, Geoffrey II, John, Matilda, Eleanor, joan)
Born: Bordeaux, France
Married: Her first marriage was to Louis VII in the Cathedral of Saint-Andre in Bordeaux, France
She accompanied her first husband the Second Crusade to Edessa
Died: Poitiers, France
Buried: Fontevraud Abbey, France
In 1137 she became the dutchess of Aquitaine
Inherited land from her father the Duke of Aquitaine which made her a valuable wife to any man
She became dutchess of Auitaine
Eleanor married Louis VII at age 15
When Louis VI died Eleanor and her husband became king and queen of France
Eleanor accompanied her husband to take back the holy city of Edessa also known as the Second Crusade
Eleanor annulled her marriage with Louis VII and married The Duke of Anjou Henry
The last of her ten children were born
She went back to Aquitaine to be the Dutchess once more
When tension between Church and English government turned Eleanor's son against her husband Henry and Henry imprisoned her for taking side the her son.
When she was let out she went to Normandy
Later she passed and was buried at the Fonteuraud Abbey of the nuns
Eleanor of Aquitaine was the daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine
When she was 15, her father died and she became the Dutchess of Aquiaine and inherited large amounts of land, making her the most sought after woman in Europe.
Within weeks of her marriage to Louis VII, his father fell ill and died, and the couple were crowned the King and Queen of France
She then married Henry, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy, and the couple were crowned king and queen of England within 2 years of their marriage.
Louis VII
Henry the 2nd
Grab some popcorn :)
A week after she and Louis wed, his father died of "illness" , and the couple had to take the throne.
She was rumored to have had an affair with her second husband Henry's father!
In 1173, Eleanor's son "young" Henry fled to France to plot against his father Henry and seize the English throne. Eleanor, who was rumored to be supporting her son's plans, war arrested and imprisoned for treason. She spent 16 years in jail until young Henry, on his deathbed, pleaded for her release, and got her released under guard.


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Video About Eleanor Of Aquitaine

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