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First Day of School

Beginning of the Year

Jeri Dockery

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of First Day of School

Let's look at how activities and projects are graded.
Welcome to our Art Class!
Everyone can do well in this class! It will simply take effort and a great attitude.
Your grade for Art 1 will be based on 3 main components
How can I still get a good grade?
Let's take a look at some of my student's artwork...
We will be learning about
the different materials used to make art!
We'll create projects using a variety of different materials and
What will we learn about?
What will class be like?
Art CLass!
How can I succeed in art?
1. Projects
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
Mrs. Dockery
2. Journal Writing
What if I don't think I'm the best artist?
Let's get started!
Make a decision to
have a Great Year!
Writing / activities will be graded on
how well you were able to develop
your ideas and reflect on your
Truths and a Lie!
At your tables, decide which one of you will tell a fib!
Be Brave! #risktaker
Class Procedures
Relax and listen as we read
through the class procedures.
We'll also learn about famous artists,
art styles, and purposes for making
2. Writing Assignments
A. Applying Concepts
and Techniques

B. Being Creative

C. Craftsmanship
(Neatness/ Finish)

D. Developing

E. Effort/

Acceptable Names

1. Mrs. Dockery

2. Mrs. D.


Class Dojo
About me:

Hi! I'm Mrs. Dockery!
This is my first year at TJHS and I have been teaching for 13 years.

I've taught Middle School and High School art classes including Pre-AP Art and AP Art History. I have also worked as a docent for different museums.

My family consist of my husband James (Lawyer), my daughter Brittani (Lawyer) and my baby girl Lauren (Corporate Buyer). I really enjoy Art (of course) and I'm very interested in metalwork and Zumba!

More about me....
I'm here to help you appreciate art, art history, theory, obtain visual thinking skills and art making. You will leave my class each day with new information.

I'm truly glad you are here! I want you to be successful and have a fun experience in Art!

Please feel free to talk to me if you have questions or need help. I'm around before or after school.
3. Effort/ Participation
3. Participation!
Daily Routine
1. Greeting and in your seats
by the bell! Attendance will be taken immediately!

2. Opening writing or activity. YOU NEED YOUR FOLDERS!!!

3. "Discussion Mode": We'll have some kind of presentation or discussion
Daily Routine II
4. Get out materials and
switch to "Art Mode"

5. Work Time! Your time to do your thing and make great art! Remain in your assigned seat and focus on your art! (Not your SnapChat)

Daily Routine III
6. Clean Up! The Table Managers will call clean-up time and give specific jobs.

7. Dismissal-
After you and your table are completely cleaned up, you
should pack up your things so you are ready to go.
Let's get started!

Your first

Contour (modified) Drawing
Write your name in the top corner of the blank sheet.

DEMO -Looking at the person across from the table and create a contour drawing. Go slowly ...Dont Rush.
Opening Writing

In your folder you will find paper. Please answer the question below.

Where do I see visual art in my daily life?
Wednesday 9-17
What do you
believe is more
important in art,
technical skill or
Find an image that
illustrates your answer and insert it into your folder.
4-11-16 Opening writing:

Do you think creativity or technical skill is more important in art?

Pick one side and justify your position.
Friday 9-9-2016
Opening activity.

Describe the artwork above using the arty-smartiest vocabulary you know.
Why do you think this is such a famous painting?
Writing Assignment #2.

Let's try it again but differently.

Your second Line (modified
contour) assignment!

After drawing the person across from you, this time you are allowed to look at them.

Do you really look like that?
Start video at 2:17
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