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Life of Saint Benedict

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Bree Pettenuzzo

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Life of Saint Benedict

Life of Saint Benedict
By Brianna Pettenuzzo & Ciara Flanagan 8E
Who is Benedict
Saint Benedict also known as Benedict of Nursia, was a Christian saint, honored by the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church as the patron saint of Europe and students. Benedict was the son of a Roman noble of Nursia, a small town near Spoleto.
Benedicts Life - Intresting Facts
In the fifth century, Benedict was sent to Rome to finish his education. In that time the subject that influenced a young man’s study was rhetoric, the art of persuasive speaking. A successful speaker was not one who had the best argument or conveyed the truth, but one who used rhythm, fluent speaking and technique to convince.

One day Benedict watched in horror as vice unraveled the lives and ethics of his companions. Afraid for his soul, Benedict fled Rome, gave up his inheritance, and lived in a small village with his nurse. When God called him to even deeper solitude, he went to the mountains of Subiaco. There he lived as a hermit under the direction of another hermit, Romanus. After years of prayer, word of his holiness brought nearby monks to ask for his leadership. He had warned them, he would be too strict for them, but they insisted. He accepted, but when the monks resisted his strict rule and tried to poison him, he returned to Subiaco.
Saint Benedict left Rome because he thought it was showing signs or moral and political decay. He also left because he desired to devote his life to God.

Benedicts live in the cave
Benedict lived three years as a hermit in some of the most beautiful caves at Subiaco. He dedicated his life to prayer and solitude, these years were very important to him because he learnt the ways of God.

Benedict lived in a cave for three years. Living in the cave for three years symbolizes something. When Jesus was crucified, he rose again three days later. For Benedict these three years were meant for cleansing himself, becoming pure again. To give up on his desires, as he believed he was not allowed to love a women. These three years also symbolized his faith in God our creator. These three years were Benedict's most hardest of times and the monks support meant a lot. It wasn’t just about the food that was brought to Benedict, but the support that was shown helped give him a extra push and help push through those barriers.
Benedictine Community
The Benedictine community has many different and important characteristics that are shown throughout it. But five characteristics that I believe are important are, Hospitality, stewardship, peace and justice,humility and community. These five characteristics show the best of the Benedictine community. These actions characteristics are shown by the actions that they have done. Giving, supporting those in need. Bringing peace and justice to the other communities...all these characteristics are important. Not only do they show the best of the Benedictine community, it also shows us that this should be the way that our lives should be lived out.
How they are lived out, at MCC

These five characteristics that are represented in the Benedictine community also are represented in Mater Christi College. At the start of year seven, we are given a flower and a small gift to represent that we acknowledge them. Teachers and fellow students help the year sevens to find their way around the school. Hospitality is shown when we thinking of others and welcoming people to our school. Stewardship is shown when we are taking care of our planet, picking our litter up around the school. Community is shown through the support system that we have at our school like the school counselor. When we recognize what people are going through we are showing peace and justice. Humility is shown by how people are humble towards each other. These five characteristics are best shown through mater christi.
Bibliography - Websites
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benedict_of_Nursia - Introduction - Where and when was Saint
http://christdesert.org/Saint_Benedict/ - How important were the three years of living as a hermit for Benedict? - Why did Benedict leave Rome? - What drew him away from his life there?

Benedict born

Other resources used -
St Benedict Scholastica powerpoint

Benedicts childhood
Saint Benedict was born around the year 480 AD, in the district of Nursia, in Umbria, central Italy. Benedict was born into a distinguished and noble family. They were very wealthy. We believe he had a twin sister, Scholastica. Because his family was wealthy he was able to get an education.
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