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Copy of Black Poverty and Government Drugs: More Than Drug Addicts, Welfare Queens, and Crack Babies

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on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Black Poverty and Government Drugs: More Than Drug Addicts, Welfare Queens, and Crack Babies

Black Poverty, Government Drugs, and Community Health: More than Drug Addicts, Welfare Queens,and Crack Babies

Black Community Health
July 8th, 2014
Professor Covert

Delve Deeper Into Each Culture Stereotype: What Black Social Justice Movements Were Resisting
Wangheci Mutu: People of the African Diaspora and Consumption
Who is Mammy and Her Friends?

1. Black Women's History Moment
3. Interactive Lecture of Mammy and Her Friends
3. Check our modern example of non- boxed Black woman!http://www.biography.com/print/profile/zora-neale-hurston-9347659

1. Mammy
2. Sapphire
3. Jezebel
4. Welfare Queen
5. Black Superwoman

Asexual- No Love life or presumed family of her own
Overweight and Mother to all except her own children
Christian, "Good," and as civilized as a Black Woman can be; perpetually from the south
Comforts her masters/employers and enjoys only this
Represses her personal happiness with that her employers
"Our House" instead of "Master's House" (Malcolm X analogy)
Irresistible sex object to men of all races
Unquenchable desires that lead her to "bad" choices like
sex work
Very atypically attractive, often slender with lighter skin, more european features and statuesque figures
Poor Mother if she is one at all.
Every man's first date, never his wife.
Cousin to Jezebel but never as sexually desirable.
Gets a man but doesn't keep one.
Emasculating female figure especially to Black men.
Eternally Attitudinal.
Consistently selfish.
Beautiful but often bypassed for beauty as she tends to be darkskinned.
Black Women Lack Femininity So in Essence- MEN?
Welfare Queen
Loud and boistrous
Always Black
Manipulative to No Avail
Often Abusive to Children
Jobless and Without Prospect
Oversexed but not fully desirable
Black Superwoman
Modern Day Professional
Very Educated
A Good Mother/Mother Figure
Excellent Lover though still not always "marry-able"
Expected to be socially omnipresent
Trans-racial though she is an engendered and racialized body
What are other cultural daguerreotypes you can think of?
Next Class:
Black Male Cultural Stereotypes and Connection to African Diasporic Culture
Freeway Rick Ross, The Black Stork and Other Socio-Cultural Myths of Black Urban Culture
https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/ FINAL TOPICS!

Racial and Gendered Stereotypes
Racial and Gendered Degrotypes
Colonial Myths and Colonial Tools
Holistic Caricatures of an Imagined Individual-
Non Threatening to a White Power Structure/Majority Culture
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