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Technology in the NFL

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matt bonomi

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Technology in the NFL

Technology in the NFL

American Football Evolving with
Technology- The Changed Perspective
- Riddell introduced the microphone helmet in the early 2000's
- NFL helmets have wireless earpieces built into them, connecting to the coach's microphone headset

- the earpiece is typically found in the quarterback's helmet, and is used to discuss play selection, and make various decisions with the coaching staff
- a green dot is located on the back of the helmet to allow officials to see who is wearing it

Sensory Training
- recently debuted in the mid 2000's, sensory training is key in football
-visual sensory tests are used to test athlete's reaction time, ability to make decisions, and their hand eye coordination

- Nike Vapor Strobe eye glasses are used to test players abilities on the field through a virtual
- these simple tests allow teams to evaluate players, and suggest areas of needed improvement
Over-field Camera and Referee Microphone
Retractable Roof and Social Media
Which Technologies do we like?
Over the years, the NFL has improved technology to enhance both safety and performance of players
-first used 2001 during NFL preseason
- it is controlled by a worker using Windows XP computer program
-used to enhance view for television and provide a more "video game" like view

Retractable Roof
- first used in 2002 in the Houston Texans stadium; Reliant Stadium
- controlled by computer technology, allowing the roof to open and close when needed
- typically can be opened between 7 to 15 minutes depending on the specific stadium
Social Media
- the NFL Command Center was started to inform fans about near restaurants, stadium parking, and answer any questions
- NFL.com allows you to stream any game, and catch highlights of games
- wireless internet is present in many stadiums in order to keep fans connected

Helmet Protection and Padding
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The "Skycam"
On-field Wireless Microphone
- introduced in the late 1990's during NFL preseason
- a microphone box attached to the referee allows him to speak through the stadium audio system
- the wireless system is used to announce penalties, time outs, or deal with any other infractions
- Twitter updates are continuously done in order to keep fans updated on breaking news and latest headlines
Coach/ Player Ear Pieces
Helmet Padding
- Helmets were not mandatory until the 30’s. Most of the 1890-1915 games were actually played without helmets
- Year by year more padding was added and from the 1920’s thru 1940’s

- between the 1940's and 50's, a metal chin bar was added to the front, as well as a metal shell
- from the 50's to present time, the NFL has added much inner helmet padding to protect the players

Over Head Skycam
- electrical chips placed within the football, so officials could determine when and if the ball crossed the goaline

- headsets for fans to listen to the live television play by play and broadcasting
What Would We Like To See?
A Look to the Future
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