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Implied and Stated Main Idea

No description

cindy allen

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Implied and Stated Main Idea

Implied Main Idea
A main idea that is not stated directly, but is strongly suggested by the supporting details in the passage. Topic Identifies who or what the reading passage is about Main Idea The most important point
the authors is trying to make
about the topic. It is often
stated in a topic sentence. A stated main idea is a sentence found in the reading passage which states the topic and the main point or points being made about that topic. This sentence is referred to as the TOPIC SENTENCE. Main Ideas can be: An implied main idea means that the author has chosen not to use a statement in the selection or passage to tell the reader the topic and main idea. The reader must read the passage and determine the main idea from the information that is presented. The READER is responsible for composing a statement of the main idea. No topic sentence exists. An implied main idea is a sentence that the reader composes rather then a statement found in the selection. Implied Main Idea answers the same two basic questions.

1. Who or what is this about?

2. What was the most important thing the author
wants me to know about the topic? STATED
IMPLIED Radios have been stolen from four cars in our
parking garage this month. Each time, the
thieves have managed to get by the parking
garage security with radios in hand, even
though they do not have a parking garage identification card, which people must show as they enter and exit the garage. Yet each time, the security officers say they have seen nothing unusual. Which of the following best summarizes the statement's main idea?

1. There are too many thefts in the garage.
2. There are not enough security guards.
3. There is something wrong with the security in the parking garage. Every morning when Clara arrives at the gym, she is greeted with a buzz of warm hellos. She starts her workout in the weight room, where her exercise regimen is always peppered with lively chats with those around her. She then moves on to the pool, where she stops and converses with other friends and acquaintances before diving in and swimming laps. As she swims, her sole focus is the calming sound of her body gliding through the water—a rare moment in her always very social days.

Clara is shy.
Clara knows everyone at the gym.
Clara is very friendly. IMPLIED STATED Stated Main Idea
Implied Main Idea
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