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Empowered Leadership Through Social Media

No description

Social Tribe

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Empowered Leadership Through Social Media

Through Social Media Empowered Leadership Thank you! 5 Social Media Tools to
Fuels Leadership Recipe for Success Social media is a toolbox for improving the practice of leadership Be strategic about why you're participating Amplify Listen & Curate Engage Humanize Nurture Monitor: Google Alerts
Personal brand
Company or product
Competitors Organize: content curation
Screen for high quality content
Identify your "go-to" resources
Use content aggregators Listen: cut through the noise Recognize & appreciate Share personal passions Be relevant Share opinions Add your opinion to trending content Make it personal Privacy Set your boundaries
Manage privacy settings
Segment what you share Facebook lists Google+ circles Privacy settings Private Twitter Lists 1) Be realistic: goals expectations 3) Commit: Block 15 - 20 minutes each day 4) Collaborate: ask for ideas and support 5) Be curious: explore and discover 2) Focus: choose 1 - 2 platforms Embrace a Social Mindset Extend your reach to the people that matter Navigating New Frontiers in Social Leadership How does this impact leadership? Engagement Conversation Connection Transparency Authenticity Accessibility Trust Brand awareness Thought leadership Workforce engagement Personal branding Collaboration Relationship building Target audiences Jeff Weiner
CEO, LinkedIn Articulate opinions Foster conversations Build relationships Lists
Groups Advocate Voice It's a two-way street Encourage questions Demonstrate values Ask questions www. social-tribe.com Questions?

@socltribe @megconley
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