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Japanese Fashion

No description

Warehouse Academy

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Japanese Fashion

Foundation of Japanese Fashion Changes Problems Core Clothes that doesn't stand out too much. Modesty Japanese Fashion School uniform Child fashion Yuki Kimura Kimono Where Kimono on special occasion Became global Younger parents Too fancy fashion Changes to the Kimono and Yukata Changes to the school uniform New types of fashion 710~ 794~ Now Wedding Ceremony Shichi-go-san Becoming an age day New years day Yukata Shinjuku Shibuya San Francisco New York To improve the purpose of the group. By uniting the cloth they wear, they will not be able to see difference of each family's income Lose bulling Shows which schools student you are Students wont be able to do an evil deed. New designs for Kimono and Yukata Hate to attract attention.
Hate to be different from others.
Try not to stand out Trend Lots of people looking a like. Destroying Japanese culture Lolita and Gothic Lolita School uniform lacked in discipline Customs of how prostitute wear Kimono. Losing basic style of Kimono and Yukata. Foreign country's culture has been adopted. More younger parent's, more fashionable parents.
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