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Reflexive Verbs

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Dan Vargason

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive Verbs
With reflexives, the
subject is also the object.
"Me llamo Sr. Vargason."
"I call myself Sr. Vargason"
A person does and receives the action.
"Me cepillo los dientes."
"I brush my teeth."
The subject, the pronoun and the verb must agree
"Yo me baño todos los días."
"I bathe myself everyday."
How to conjugate a reflexive verb
First: Break off the "se" but do NOT forget about.

Por ejemplo: llamarse = llamar + se
How to conjugate a reflexive verb
Second: Conjugate your verb as you normally would. (watch out for irregulars!)

Por ejemplo:
llamo llamamos
llama llaman
How to conjugate a reflexive verb
Third: Bring back "se" in the form of a REFLEXIVE pronoun and place it BEFORE the corresponding verb form.

Here are the reflexive pronouns.

me nos
se se
How to conjugate a reflexive verb
Now, you have conjugated a reflexive verb in the present tense!

me llamo nos llamamos
te llamas
se llama se llaman
Reflexive Verb practice
Try conjugating the following reflexive verb yourself.

Reflexive Verb practice
me duermo nos dormimos
te duermes
se duerme se duermen
Reflexive Verb practice
Conjugate lavarse in the preterite tense.
Reflexive Verb practice
me lavé nos lavamos
te lavaste
se lavó se lavaron
Reflexive Verb practice
Conjugate arreglarse in the present progressive tense.
Reflexive Verb practice
me estoy arreglando nos estamos arreglando
te estás arreglando
se está arreglando se están arreglando
Reflexive pronoun Placement
Notice: all the reflexive pronouns have come directly before the conjugated verb. The pronouns can also go on the end of an infinitive.

Por ejemplo: "Me gusta cepillarme los dientes."
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