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My Basketball Life 2012-13 #22

No description

Geranisha Robinson

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of My Basketball Life 2012-13 #22

My Basketball Life 2012-13 #22
When I First Started Playing Basketball....
I never thought that I was going to be so good at basketball because I never played on an actual basketball team until my 6th Grade Year , When I went to Beacon Of Hope. Everyday when I went out to P.E. , I went out to the basketball courts just so I could practice and become better at playing basketball when I get older. I didn't notice that every time I went out to the courts that some of the staff members at Beacon Of Hope were watching me as I played basketball. Then one day, Mr. McCall, My P.E. Teacher, came over to me and said
"You should try playing basketball for the school."
When I Made The Team....
My face lit up so bright, I thought I was going to pass out I was so shocked. I told myself that I would really have to step up and practice more and more everyday. But that meant that I
to keep my


at a(n) B average and my

to stay at a 3.5 average. So this meant I had to keep my grades up and stay focus on Basketball. Which I did. I was just in 6th grade when all of this happened. I actually got to play on the Varsity Girls Basketball Team, which was way more difficult. But I made it through.
My First Game....
I played
Point Guard
Power Forward
. Point Guard is the person that brings the ball up the court and calls out plays. Being point guard is very important because you have to go by what the other team is doing. When I called out plays, we would have to hustle around the court, especially when we were playing against a really hard team. I really liked playing hard teams because the more challenging it is the better you'll become. Power Forward is the person that plays up top and their back is turn away from the basket. Power Forward is the person responsible for getting the rebounds. A rebound is when you gain back possession of the ball when a shot is missed. On The Other Hand, if you are rebounding your own ball, you can put the ball back up to try and score.

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Credits/Fav. Quotes
What Made Me Want To Try Basketball ? Well....
"You Are Very Good At Sports!"
"You Should Try Playing Basketball , You'll Be Great!"
"You Are Very Athletic!"
A Lot Of People Encouraged Me ! Told Me That I Can Be The Best Basketball Player If I Wanted Too !
That's what made me want to try basketball!
I found this video very interesting ! I Love Lebron James ! He's like a role model to me !
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