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Connect2Media Android Publishing Partner Presentation

Connect2Media (www.connect2media.com) is a publisher of digital entertainment products across mobile platforms.

Stephen Hey

on 9 July 2012

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Transcript of Connect2Media Android Publishing Partner Presentation

Connect2Media is a publisher of digital entertainment products across mobile platforms. Our mission is to deliver exceptional, original and licensed, entertainment content to consumers across the world. The Android platform is key to this mission. Connect2Media is about 2.5 bn Via carriers our network reaches almost every country on Earth with a distribution footprint that stretches from Sao Paulo to San Francisco from Bangalore to Brisbane.Through this network we can reach... subscribers We have direct relationships with all the major carriers and have become trusted suppliers of content. These companies include... 89 million subscribers 347 million subscribers (Group) 189 million subscribers (Group) 81 million subscribers And many,
more... On many decks around the world we are
the number games content provider Which means we have partnerships with carriers who are rapidly expanding their Android catalogues and are hungry for games 40 years Management team with well over of mobile experience Total head count includes:
16 strong international sales &
marketing team
24 in deployment, porting and QA
5 in advanced technology team
4 man aggregation specialist team Whatever the content we will work with you to monetise it and stake your claim... ANDROID Many of whom own, or plan to own, an Android handset Connect2Media is about DEVELOPERS But what else do we bring? Unparraleled expertise, experience, commitment and passion for mobile games Our team is your team
We can help shape your product or take it and give it the best chance to sell around the world Our knowledge of the market and carriers means that we can advise you on product strategy & presentation Taking this... ...to this And this... ...to this ..to Planet Android with a focus on quality www.connect2media.com
00 44 161 233 1840 We also have a succesful record of taking content from iPhone and other platforms to Android million Android handsets shipped in Q4 2010 alone say Canalys 32 about harnessing creativity and passion and delivering this to as wide an audience as possible 213 million subscribers (Group) 300,000 Android device activations per day say Google ONE
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