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The Giver Scrapbook

No description

kaylee agans

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of The Giver Scrapbook

The symbol that represents The Giver as a whole is Rosemary, the Giver's daughter. I chose her as the symbol, because if she was never released, they would've never needed Jonas, the community would've never felt the memories that Rosemary held, and nothing would've been done about release. With Rosemary alive nothing in the novel would've happened, and without Rosemary, Jonas was able to learn, receive, and share the memories.
The Giver
Jonas' Journey-Middle
In the middle of the novel, Jonas has become apart from the rest of the community, because he has become the new Receiver of Memories. This gave him special permission to do things, such as lying. He is also seeing the color red more vibrantly, and for longer periods of time, since the Giver has given him the memory of color. It was also the first color that came naturally to him. I chose a red apple as the symbol, because when he was tossing the apple back and fourth, with Asher, it was the first time that he caught a glimpse of the color red, which was a sign that he was right for the assignment of Receiver of Memory.
Jonas' Journey-End
At the end of the novel, Jonas is so much wiser, outgoing, and so much more different than he was at the beginning, or even in the middle. He has learned so much since his first memory. Pain, love, warmth, cold, and what it means to release someone, which is what changes him the most. That is what pushes him to leave with Gabriel, and share his memories with everyone in the community, and travel to Elsewhere. I chose the sled as the symbol, because the sleigh ride down the hill was his very first memory that he had received, and from that moment till the end of the book, he changed so much. And when he reached the top of the hill that led to Elsewhere, he got on the sled with Gabriel, and they sledded down the hill into Elsewhere, like he did in his first memory.
Jonas' Journey-Beginning
Jonas is basically just like everyone else. He follows the rules, does what he is told, and is ignorant; doesn't know any different. I chose the bicycle as the symbol, because everyone gets a bicycle when you become a Nine, and it is a common, everyday thing, that is very often used throughout the community. It also isn't seen out of the ordinary, like Jonas in the beginning of the novel.
By Kaylee Agans
Jonas' Memory Scrapbook: The Giver
Jonas' Main Conflict
The main conflict is man vs. society, because Jonas is constantly wondering why the Elders, or the people in charge who started all of this, took away feelings, memories, colors, hills, and so many other things, just because they thought it was the right thing to do. He believes that everyone should experience these things; even though he knows that he can't, because it's against the rules that the Elders gave him, and no one would understand or believe him. I chose the Elders' robes, that only they wear, because they are the ones who Jonas is constantly disagreeing with, because he knows that they won't change the ways that things are, no madder what information he gives them or how hard he tries, he knows it just won't work.
Jonas' Emotional High Point
The climax in the novel is when Jonas finds out what release actually is, by watching a video, that was taken earlier that day, of his father killing or "releasing" the smaller of the two baby twins. This resolves the main conflict by giving Jonas the reason to leave the community for good, so he can share his memories with the community and allow them to learn real feelings, colors, and that release is the wrong thing to do. I chose twin babies as the symbol, because after Jonas saw what his father did to the smaller of the two infant twins, he was officially done with everything else, and decided that going to Elsewhere, and giving his memories to the community was the right thing to do.
The resolution of the novel is when Jonas and Gabriel finally make it to Elsewhere, and Jonas hears the people laughing, and talking, knowing that they are feeling joy and love. And when, for the first time, Jonas hears music, like the Giver told him about. I chose the music as the symbol, because at the very end is says that he hears music for the first time as he is sledding into Elsewhere. Music was also the first thing that the Giver noticed, when he was younger, that was proof that he was meant to be or ready to become the Receiver of Memories. So it's kind of ironic that the novel ends the same way that it all began.
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