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MSc Induction: Employability and Professional Development (2012)

No description

Dickon Copsey

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of MSc Induction: Employability and Professional Development (2012)

MSc Induction: Employability and Professional Development
1. Where do you want to get to?
4. Further resources
how can i get support for this?
CoSS Facebook
CoSS Employability Web
College of Social Sciences Employability web:

College of Social Sciences Employability Facebook:

GSP overview and registration:

Management: Skills/Job options/Salaries/Career development/ Vacancies http://www.prospects.ac.uk/options_business_studies.htm

‘University of Glasgow Careers Network’ on LinkedIn

Recruitment agencies: Eg. BLT (Beament Leslie Thomas) http://www.blt.co.uk/
Dr Dickon Copsey
College Employability Officer
Florentine House
Email: Dickon.Copsey@glasgow.ac.uk
Sector growth areas
"Being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't. It's knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and it's knowing how to use the information once you get it.

William A. Feather (1889-1981) American publisher and author.
Academic skills

Independent voices and critical thinkers
View issues from multiple perspectives
Effective written communicators
Logical argument and persuasion
Effective researchers
(Programme specification)
Working well in teams/ leadership potential
Organised and able to manage time effectively
Interesting, outgoing, creative individuals
Personal skills (Extra-curricular)
Transferable skills (work-related)
Independent workers who can self-manage and stay on task
Flexible professionals who can adapt to tasks required
Work to deadline and specification
2. Where are you now?
3. Getting from where you are to where you want to get to
The basics
Mahara ePortfolios
www.risingbean.com, 2011
The Graduate Market in 2012, High Fliers Research [Top 100 private and public sector employers

Year by year forecast:
2008 - 6.7%↓ (drop) 2009 - 17.8%↓ (drop) 2010 - 12.6% (rise) ↑ 2011- 2.8%↑ (rise) 2012 – 6.4% (rise)

Employers expectations: 50% expect to increase recruitment / 25% static

Sector expectations 2012 vs 2011:
Public sector – 21.9% rise
Engineering & industrial - 22.4% rise
IT and Telecomms – 31.6% rise
High street banks – 16% rise
Retailers – 11.5% rise
Accountancy and professional services – static
Starting salaries (median):
Investment banks ( £45,000)
Law firms (£38,000)
Media firms (£32,000)
Consulting firms (£31,000)
Banking and finance (£30,000)
Accounting and prof services (£28,000)
Retail (£24,000)
Public sector employers (£23,000)
Professional services - recession resistant and largest grad vacancies
IT and Telecommunications
Banking and finance
Public sector?
Oil and energy

Av. 36% Grad vacancies filled by grads with previous work exp. with employer
Career planning tools
Role and sector information
Dissertations – Undergraduate and postgraduate; Tailor to career aspirations/area of specialisation?
Consultation projects
Skills courses eg. Student Learning Service; employer-led; Graduate Skills Programme
Awards and prizes eg. PwC First Year Prize; TargetJobs Account. Student of Year; GSP
Group projects
Clubs and societies (eg. positions of responsibility; length of service)
Enterprise related (eg. own business; consultation projects)
Study abroad
Work experience (eg. paid commercial sector; paid/unpaid work experience/internships; voluntary sector)
LinkedIn – connect to employers; follow company/sector groups; build academic, work recommendations; search work exp and job opps
Employer events/fairs/visits
Experience and experience gaps
Your skills and attributes
What the University thinks
What is the Graduate Skills Programme (GSP)?
Planning your remaining time
What should i do with this info?
Sign-up now
CoSS Employability workshops (eventbrite)
Graduate Skills Programme workshops
LinkedIn workshops
Interview Academy and Mock Interviews
1-1 Appointments
Employer workshops
Internship and Graduate Fair
Weekly CV drop-in sessions
Should I be thinking about (further?) work experience?
How will I record my professional development?
How does the University support my professional development?
How can I meet employers?
Which skills will make me most marketable to my target group of employers?
Should I pursue a career in academia, public sector, commercial sector…..?
How can I start to build my professional networks?
Am I going to go straight into a job or might I consider further study?
How employable will I be by the end of my MSc?
Your employability:
Thinking ahead…
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