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No description

Paige Ubbing

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Bouleuterion

Paige's Guiding Question...
Why is the Bouleuterion so important in the Ancient Athens?
The Bouleuterion is an important structure because that is where the Boule had their meetings. It was also a place for council meetings (hence the name Council House). It was a place that the Boule met at everyday, except for holidays.
The Bouleuterion
The Bouleuterion was very important to the democracy in the Ancient Athens.
Pictures of the Bouleuterion
What are some of the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms?
They had no educational rights and the women were treated poorly. The women stayed home and did housework while the men met the tribes. People went outside just to be judgemental. Men would vote on decisions and the women couldn’t.
Abby's Guiding Question...
our video
by: Ty, Abby, Paige and Jarrod
Jarrod's guiding question
Fun Facts
What kind of people gathered here
The Boule were the people who attended the Bouleuterion. They had to be 30 years or older. They were the more privileged men.
The people who gathered here were called the Boule.They gathered here at sunset.They were ten tribes.Thier tribes could only have up to 50 members.They also had to be at least 30 years old to join the Boule.
It could hold up to 700 people, but on a daily basis 500 people.
The Bouleuterion was used every single day except for holidays.

Who gathered here?
Why is the bouleuterion so important in Ancient Athens?
What is the difference between Bouleuterion and Agora?
What are some of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the bouleuterion?
What is the difference between the Bouleuterion?Pnyx?and Agora?

The Bouleuterion is a place where decisions are made voting takes place. The Agora is a market place. it also was one of the great cities of ancient ancient world.
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