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Clashes and Collisions: Hitcher

No description

Sophia Miller

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Clashes and Collisions: Hitcher

HITCHER A POEM BY SIMON ARMITAGE The hitcher Tone The narrator "tired, under the weather"
could be hungover
mental issues
disordered mind
can't cope with job
under stress
lets out frustration on the hitcher
distanced from reality - last stanza non-sequitur
seems cold and clinical about what he has done hippie
idealistic, optimistic
seems happy with life
opposite/contrast to disturbed narrator
narrator jealous of hitcher from poet's point of view
cold blooded recount of what he's done
unemotional ABOUT:

a mentally disturbed man who picks up a hitchhiker and beats him up, possibly killing him, before throwing him out of the car and continuing along his journey WORDS colloquialisms : 'under the weather', 'I let him have it', 'stitch that'
'blowing in the wind' Bob Dylan reference
'krooklok' a metal lock for steering wheel
language of everyday speech and life
no figurative language or imagery
makes it sound like a confession or recount
Rhythm, rhyme + structure fairly ordered verses
hint at man's need to control his life
whimsical, childish rhymes (fired/hired, fair/there)
contrast with violent content
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