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Promociones 2

No description

alicia rojas

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Promociones 2

Welcome To The Table!
So What Is "The Table"?
What is the benefit of having the table at Soul Saving Station?
Felicitaciones del jefe anterior
So How Do I get Started
1. Open a web browser and type in:
Select: New here? Sign Up [must be 13 or older to join]
Mobile Apps Also Available
Iphone and Google play both offer the Table Project App
for free which you can download today from the App Market or Google Play Store.

Just login as you would online and you're done and in the table in a snap.
Encourage leaders and members of this new and exciting way to share and connect online.
Create Groups for your department and encourage the members of the department to join your group.
Take advantage of the features such as the calendars, the prayer app, the serve app and the classified ads.
Locate friends and share messages and photos.
Make new friends and welcome the newcomers as they settle in to the church community.
Network, connect, brainstorm and most of all have fun.

The ability to connect and outreach outside of the church building.
Simple and effective way to communicate, plan and share with the members, groups and individuals privately or church wide.
Groups can create their own separate calendars and events.
The Serve app is all about lending a hand to the community. Do things for one another, campaign a project for the community, give away your extra stuff and consume less by sharing everyday items.
______ ¡Felicitaciones y éxitos en este nuevo reto!
Share photos on your "Me Page" and also share documents within your group.
View church announcements and what's new events.
Customizable applications such as online Bible, Google News, ESPN Radio Podcast, the financial times and more...
Not to mention, our very own church
Classified Ad
2. You will find yourself at the welcome video. Click the green "Join" button, below the video.
3. Provide your email address
and secret code: Pastor Jarvis
4. Add your general information which is private unless you indicate otherwise. Next continue to the confirmation screen.
Customize your "Me Page"
Create or join a group!
Connect,share and become one with the church body not just from within the church but be the church to others!
Prayer Wall Application
Serve Application
How to send a Quick Note
Classified Ad Application
How to create & manage a group
¡Líderes que siguen creciendo!
This is a great tool that we can utilize with such a vast amount of potential. Let's help make it a success together. Let's pull together our ideas and resources and let's not let this opportunity go to waste. Thank you for your time and for having a front seat with me, today at
"The Table"
Any Questions?
Prayer/Praise Reports
Serving Others
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