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maths puzzles

No description

jonathan bould

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of maths puzzles

MATHS PUZZLES The following equation is wrong: 101 - 102 = 1

Move one numeral to make it correct.

(Caution: Trick) Move the numeral 2 half a line up to achieve 101-10 = 1 In a family photo you see:

1 grandfather
1 grandmother
2 fathers
2 mothers
6 children
4 grandchildren
2 sisters
2 brothers
3 sons
3 daughters
1 father-in-law
1 mother-in-law
1 daughter-in-law

What's the fewest number of people possible that are in the photo?
There are EIGHT people total...

4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls)
Their mum and dad
And their grandma and grandpa
(This is the dad's parents.)

What number comes next?
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ___ The number is 34 Can you move just THREE pennies and flip this triangle upside down? What number goes in the red blank? No, the answer is NOT 4! After you've figured the red blank out,
can you fill in the next line of numbers? The red number was 6!!!!!!! The other numbers were solution time 2 how many did you get!!!???
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