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The French And Indian War

No description

Jasmine Li

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of The French And Indian War

Women had a big role during the war. Aside from caring for wounded soldiers and children, some even disguised themselves as men to fight in the war.
The French And Indian War
Technology was pretty limited during this time. The main weapon used was the musket.
France lost all its land in North America
Colonists wanted to expand into the newly gained lands
The war left Britain with a huge debt that would later lead to the American Revolution
The French and Indian war
lasted from 1756 to 1763.
Therefore, it is also known
as the Seven Year's War
Us History
7th Period

Jasmine Li
During the war, thousands of men from England's colonies enlisted. The three main reasons were_

A Sense of Adventure
A Steady Job
Plus, soldiers who enlisted received a bounty, or a monetary gift or reward.
The Main Events
May 28- George Washington initiated the war by leading an unexpected attack at the Ohio Valley and killing a few french soldiers.
July 3- French attack and take Fort Necessity.
General Edward Braddock leads his force of British "redcoats" and colonists to one of the worst defeats in British military history.

The conflict between the French and English started in 1752 but it was not until 1756, that the war was was officially declared.
British take Louisbourg
British take Quebec
British take Montreal
Treaty of Paris ends the French and Indian War. British issue the Proclamation of 1763
Major Strategies
In 1753, the French were leading in the battlefield. Then in 1758, the tide turned for the British as they started adapting war strategies under the direction of William Pitt. The British started making peace with important Indian allies and because they outnumbered and outgunned the French, the French collapsed during the next two years.
At home, some women ran family farms and businesses while their husbands were at war.
During the war, one of the great advantages of the English was its large and powerful navy.
Also during the war, there was a massive outbreak of smallpox. The Indians blamed the French for bringing in "bad medicine".
The Indians actually thought the French would win so they sided with them. They believed that if the French won, they might get some of their land back. In addition, the British didn't respect the Native Americans living in the region so the Indians greatly disliked them.
Most of the medical care was done by women.
The British never really gained colonial support. Many colonists, especially those by the eastern border, didn't want to fight Britain's wars.
The main cause of the French and Indian War was the struggle for territory and lands between the French and British. Both nations wanted to dominate the area between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. The French and the British both claimed that they owned the Ohio River Valley area. They were both competing to be the most powerful nation.


Many colonial legislatures refused to support the war, until William Pitt offered to pay them for their expenses.
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