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jewel parrish

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Jewel Parrish The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Widow Douglas
Tom Sawyer
Huckleberry Finn

"... So I up my mind i wouldn't try for it. But i never said so, because it would only make trouble, and wouldn't do no good."(pg. 3)

This quote shows Huck's maturity by how he choices not to start trouble with the widow. He also recognizes that if he would start anything that there would be no good coming from what he says. Another thing is that Huck its thinking before he says things unlike people today. Also Huck is thinking about religion, but hes thinking of it as a bad things and the down sides of it. He also shows maturity when he thinks it wouldn't be a good idea to speak his mind. St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Tom

"when we was ten foot off Tom whispered to me, and wanted to tie jim to the tree for fun. But I said no; he might wake and make a disturbance, and then they'd find out I wasn't in"(Pg. 5)
Huck matures with this quote by realizing that if Tom and him mess with Jim that they could get into some trouble. Huck says no to Tom because he doesn't want the widow to know hes not in the house in his bed. Also Huck believes that if Jim wakes up he'll make a disturbance and get Huck in trouble. Huck knows that its wrong to mess with Jim while hes trying to sneak out but Tom wants to do it anyway. Lastly, he matures in the scene by not doing the fun thing but the right thing. Jackson's island Jim
"That all comes of my being such a fool as to not remember that wherever you leave a dead snake its mate always comes there curls a round it."(Pg. 53)
Huck realizes that trying to scare Jim with a dead snake was wrong because what was meant to be a harmless prank turned into someone getting hurt. Huck also feels bad about what he did to Jim. Huck remembers about what happens when you leave a dead snake lying around, and gets Jim bit bye its mate. Also Huck matures in this seen by realizing he did something wrong and feel bad about it. Huck also is figuring out whats bad and whats good. The Feud Huck
The Sheperdsons
The Grangerfords
"Well, then, what you want to kill him for."(Pg. 107)
Huck doesn't understand the feud so he's asking questions. Huck thinks the feud is pointless. Huck also thinks the feud isn't right and should come to a stop. Huck matures with this scene by seeing what's good and what isn't right. Also Huck may think that killing someone for no reason is wrong and sees that it's wrong as hes asking questions about it. The lynching bee failed I steal the king's plunder Huck
"The Dead Guy"(Peter)
The King
the Duke
"That made me feel pretty bad. About an hour or two ago it would 'a' been a little different, but now it made me fell bad and disappointed."(Pg. 177)
Huck starts to has feelings for other people. He notices that what the king and the duke are doing is wrong and wants to fix it. Huck wants to make everything better for the family. He wants to feel good again unlike he does now. Also Huck is starting to learn to be good but by watching and being around bad people. Huck Huck
The duke
The King
"I could 'a' stayed if I wanted to, but I didn't want to."(Pg. 147)
Huck matures in this section by walking away instead of staying. He sees that the people who want to do the lynching are wrong. Also Huck knows now that there are some people that aren't right in the world. To think that violence is fun, funny, and that it's okay to torturer some with violence. That is how Huck matures in this section. i steal the kings plunder Huck
The King
The Duke
"I got to steal the money, somehow; and I got it some way that they won't suspicion that I done it"(Pg. 176)
Huck shows maturity in the quote by saying he wants to return the money and not put suspicion on his self. Huck also shows maturity when he makes it seem like its his duty to return the money. Another way he shows it in this quote is by trying to make it safe for him and the girls. That is how Huck shows maturity. i light out in the storm Huck
The Duke
The King
" Huck
"Human beings can be awful and curl to one another"(Pg. 231) The Pitiful Ending Of Royalty A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue Huck
"I knowed he was white inside and I reckoned he'd say what he did say-So it was all right now,and i told Tom i was a-going for a doctor.'(Pg. 276)
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