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mike kisslinger

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of foundation

The New Republic Defining the Presidency After the Americans broke away from Britian, they decided they needed a new Central Government. In this picture, the Americans are making their independence official but pulling down a statue of their former leader, King George III. George Washington After the war, George Washington was the best known and most respected military leader. Everyone pretty much expected him to become the first President. Establishing the Presidency Participants in the new government knew that they would be setting models for the future, so they were always aware of symbolism. Since Washington became the first president, he made sure he struck a careful balance between the powers of his associates. He maintained a dominance in office and he never ceded his power to other branches of government or to the members of his Cabinet. This was a button worn by George Washington in his first inauguration. Furnishing the Mansion Washington decided that the presidential residence would be in Philadelphia. He decorated the estate with furnishings intended to give the impression of elegance, dignity, and stability. This is a picture of what the first presidential
home looked like in Philadelphia This is a type of wine glass used
by the president in the house. Farewell Address Near the end of Washington's second term he published his famous farewell address, in which he urged all Americans to support the newly formed nation and put aside regional or party divisions. According to family tradition, Washington probably spent his time
writting his farewall address under this brass candle stand with a reflector. This is a bandana featuring excerpts
from George Washington's farewell address The Continental Congress, voting for independence.
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