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Jordan Haulton

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Creativity

By: Dylan Bibik, Nikole Snyder, Oscar Martinez, Jordan Haulton
Assessing Creativity
2 tests that assess creativity:
-Graphic vs. Verbal

Each of these tests require some sort of divergent thinking. This is the ability to propose many different ideas or answers.
The most common type of thinking is convergent thinking, in which people are only able to think of one possible answer.
Activity 1- Doodles
Activity 2-Rhythmic Circus
a musical work that has been

Composing can help students better understand how music is put together and therefore can approach playing in a more musical way. By identifying motives, phrases, themes, developments, sequences, etc., students can engage their musical imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

the spontaneous act of organizing, varying, creating, and performing. It is a technique of creation and performance

which is developed as skills become second nature.

the ability to create new ideas based on previous knowledge
Activity 3- Object Improvisation
1) Each group has a set of four animals with rhythms on them. Arrange the animals into a rhythmic pattern. After this, prepare to share with the class. You can clap, pat, or tap the rhythm.
2) Then, create your own rhythmic pattern on the back of your animals. Be prepared to share your own work with the class as well.
Once assigned an object, you will have five minutes to explore the variations of sound possible by manipulating it. To share with the class, have one person keep a steady beat, while everyone else joins in one at a time with a different rhythm. Each person should demonstrate one of the different sounds your group discovered.
How would you include creativity in your own classroom?
Fostering creativity in the classroom
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