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Rosa Parks & The CIvil Rights Movement

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Zarah Rojas

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of Rosa Parks & The CIvil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks & the Civil Rights Movement I want to inform the audience about Rosa Parks who sparked a bus boycott and the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks is one out of many civil activists who has made a great impact on America. Inform Thesis I. Introducrtion http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=rosa+parks&view=detail&mid=053E77101C195E6CB2A5053E77101C195E6CB2A5&first=0&FORM=LKVR3&videoId=146f0949-8c9e-41f7-ae2c-629d8fca49c8 attention getter I'm going to talk and teach you about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement, because I was very interested in the Civil Rights Movement when my 5th grade Social Studies teacher gave me a project to do on a famous person who changed something. First of all lets all ask eachother who is Rosa Parks?
Rosa Parks was born in segergation.

What is segergation?

Rosa was tired of giving in to racial discrimination. She made a change for America and the citizens of our country.

On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks boarded the Cleveland Avenue bus for a ride home. She took a seat and the bus filled up. The bus driver made Rosa give up her seat for a white person, but she refused. The city's bus rules for drivers gave them authority to assign seats, it didn't specifically give them the authorit for them to demand ssomeone to give up their seat regardless of color. If the passenger protested then the bus driver would call the police on the spot. In Rosa's case the driver immediately called the police and Rosa was arrested. Rosa was fined $10 dollars plus a $4 court fee.

December 8th Rosa was in trial. In 30 minutes Rosa was found guilty of violating a local ordinance. II. A Spark In the Montgomery Bus Boycott Now that we've talked about Rosa let's talk about how she impacted Montgomery, Alabama. The evening Rosa was arrested E.D. Nixon, head of the local NAACP, began to plan and organize a boycott of Montgomery buses. Who and what is the NAACP? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Advertisement and ads were handed out in black neighborhoods and in local newspapers.

Monday on the 5th of Decemb er NAACP members and local black and white people were asked to stay off buses. Thousands of African Americans walked, carpooled and rode cabs. Dozens of Montgomery's buses weren't being usedfor months. This bus boycott was severly damaging the compan's finances. Almost a year later African American community took legal actions and civil rights activists who took action had won and the judge declared segergation unconstitutional. III. Conclusion Montgomery bus boycott is one of the most succesful mass movements against racial segergation in history. "Some people say I was tired that day I wasn't tired from a long day at work, but tired of giving in. " -Rosa Parks a civil rights organization for ethnic minorities in the united States.

The Civil Rights movement has made a huge change in today and everyday life. Things wouldn't be the same if it wasnt for the NAACP or people like Rosa Parks. Segergation is the act of being seperated by race or something different from others
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