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STDs health project

No description

Dalith Jimenez

on 3 January 2011

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Transcript of STDs health project

Sexually Transmmited
Diseases By: Dalith Jimenez
Health Project MP#2
Grade 8 Abstinence- avoiding sexual contact; is the only certain way to protect oneself from STDs. There are many common STDs like Chlamydia.
-Chlamydia is caused by bacteria transmitted through sexual contact or genital contact.
-It can affect the urethra, rectum and eyes in both females and males and the cervix in felmales Symptoms Women: Many have no symptoms.
Symptoms include:

-Discharge from vagina,
-Pain during urination or in the lower abdomen,
-& Bleeding between menstrual periods. Men: Most have no symptoms.
Symptoms include:

-Discharge from urethra,
-Itching/Burning sensation from the penis. Gonorrhea- A bacterial disease spread through sexual contact. Treatment Consequences Antibiotics can be prescribed for 2-3 weeks. -In females, sterile- unable to produce children can occur.
-Infected females can affect newborns leadng them to blindness or pneumonia. Symptoms Women: Many have mild or no symptoms.
Symptoms can include:

-Yellow/Green discharge from vagina,
-Pain during urination &
-Bleeding between menstrual periods. Men: Symptoms include:
-Burning during urination &
-Greenish pus from urethra. Treatment Antibiotics can be prescribed but mostly it is difficult to treat. Consequences -Sterility can happen to men and women.
-Infected newborns can become blind if left untreated. Nongonococcal urethritis (NGU)- is caused by bacteria. Symptoms Women: May have no symptoms.
The symptoms can include:

-Mild itching &
-Burning during urination Men: Symptoms can include:

-Discharge from urethra,
-Itching/burning sensation around the penis. Treatment -Antibiotics and other drugs prescribed by a doctor can be used.
-A doctor has to prescribed the medicine to people to ensure that it won't harm the people. Consequences If not treated for women it can lead to:
-Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Disease resulting in tubal pregnancy.
-Eye infections and pneumonia to infected infants. Syphilis- is caused by spirochetes- a spiral shaped bacterium that can live anywhere in the body.
-It can spread through blood tranfusion and sexual contact. Symptoms This disease passes through 4 stages in femalaes and males. Stage 1: Chancre -hard, round and painful sore that appears on the mouth, rectum and genitals.
Stage 2: Sores can appear on lips, throat, mouth and genitals. A rash of patches appear in the body body and may itch.
Stage 3: Spirochetes remain in the body but the symptoms can appear.
Stage 4: The spirochetes can harm organs such as the heart, liver and nervous system. Treatment It can be treated with antibiotics or other prescribed drugs but it won't help the harmed organs. Consequences - It can cause birth defects to babies.
-Paralysis, blindness, brain damage and harm to body organs are all consequences if not treated. Genital herpes: is caused by virus and can spread through sexual contact and touching can spread blisters. Symptoms -Forms small painful blisters in the genital area and can form open, red and painful sores.
-Other include: tiredness, headahes, fevers and swelling in the lymph nodes.
-The symptoms can disappear in 2-4 weeks and can appear again at the time of illness and stress. Treatment Antibiotics and other drugs can treat the symptoms but can't cure it. Consequences -Through broken blisters people can increase the risk of getting HIV.
-Babies that are infected during delivery can cause brain damage to them. Genital warts- is a viral STD that can be spread through sexual contact. Symptoms -Warts can grow on the genital area.
-Wart's growth are pink or red and soft and a resemblence to califlower.
-Some warts are hard and yellow/gray.
-Warts can itch but don't cause pain. Treatment Warts can be treated with:
-laser surgery
-liquid nitrogen which is painful
This can treat the warts but can't remove them permanently. Consequences -It can lead to cervical cancer in females.
-Cancers of the penis, anus and vulva are other effects. Bibliography "Sexually Transmittes Diseases & STD symptoms." 2010 Avert.org. 27 Dec. 2010. <http://www.avert.org/std.htm> Meeks, Linda and Philip Heit. "Health and Wellness." NY,NY, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2005. For men:
-Epididymitis which is an infection of the spermatic cord
-prostatitis which is an infection of the prostate gland
Both can cause a great deal of pain. :) Stay protected from STDs by practicing abstinence.
STDs can be very serious and deadly.
No one wants to worry about their lives being threatened for a mistake that could have been prevented.
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