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Trinity's Story

A timeline of the history of Trinity Lutheran Church, School and Childcare.

Rev. Brian Hesse

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Trinity's Story

The Story of Trinity Lutheran - Amarillo, Texas
October 2, 1921
Trinity Lutheran is organized by Rev. Otto H. Hinge. Nine families sign the constitution to establish the first Lutheran presence in Amarillo, TX.
September 13, 1925
Rev. Victor J. Kollmann is ordained and installed as Trinity's fourth pastor. Rev. Kollmann replaced Rev. Rudolph Jeschke who served Trinity less than a year from 1924-1925.
Spring, 1923
Rev. Theodore Evers replaces Rev. Hinge as Trinity's 2nd pastor.
August 5, 1923
The first sanctuary located at 4th Street and Alabama is dedicated.

Total construction cost at the time $2500.
August 26, 1928
Rev. Horace R. Frerking is ordained and installed becoming Trinity's 5th pastor in 7 years.
Most of Trinity's 60 members are new members in the church, due to a major change in the population of Amarillo due to the Great Depression.
November 10, 1940
St. Paul Lutheran Church of Canyon, TX merges with Trinity. St. Paul had been vacant for six years with Pastor Frerking serving as vacancy pastor. A new constitution is drafted and signed by the two congregations together.
February 1, 1942
Rev. Frerking preaches a farwell sermon to serve as a chaplain in the U.S. Army during WWII.
December 14, 1940
A new sanctuary located at 12th Street and Taylor is dedicated. Trinity moves to its new, larger location.
September, 1949
The day school adds Kindergarten and Grade 3. Mrs. Elizabeth Miller is also added as Trinity's 2nd teacher.
Pastor Hartenberger's vision of a Day School officially begins to take shape. The congregation votes to establish a Lutheran Day School to begin with Grades 1 and 2.
June 10, 1945
Trinity purchases and dedicates the former American Legion building in Amarillo for use as a parish hall and Sunday School building.
August 16, 1942
Rev. Martin J.H. Hartenberger is ordained and installed as Trinity's temporary pastor while Pastor Frerking is serving as chaplain in WWII.
August 1, 1948
Mrs. Ruth Stelzer accepts the call to be Trinity's first school teacher. School opens in September with 13 students in grades 1 and 2.
February 27, 1943
WWII is lasting longer than expected. Pastor Frerking is officially released from his call at Trinity. Pastor Hartenberger officially becomes the 6th pastor of Trinity Lutheran.
September 1950
Trinity School adds a new principal, Walther Voth. The school also adds Grade 4.
December 14, 1952
Sixty-one of Trinity's 435 members re-organize and re-establish St. Paul Lutheran Church in Canyon, Texas.
January 1956
Rev. Edwin Heyne installed and replaces Pastor Hartenberger as Trinity's seventh pastor. Congregation exceeds 600 members for the first time.
August 9, 1953
Trinity members organize Christ Lutheran Church having its first service on Grand Street. The congregation's charter would be signed September 20 of the same year.
April 25, 1954
Dedication of the Mary Leopold Hall and new educational building on a new campus located on Wolflin Street.
Downtown sanctuary officially closes, Trinity moves all activities to the campus on Wolflin Street.
Pastor Hartenberger accepts call to Holy Cross in Wichita, KS.

September 1955: School enrollment reaches 130 and the sale of the old parish hall is completed.

October 1955: Clarence Bueschser arrives as Trinity's new principal. Miss Janice Hansen arrives as the new Kindergarten teacher.
Trinity and Christ Lutheran Churches sponsor a new mission for East Amarillo establishing Faith Lutheran Church at 29th Avenue and Grand Street. Fourteen families transfer their membership from Trinity to this new congregation.
February 14, 1957
School Principal, Clarence Buescher passes away suddenly. Mrs. Jessie Boardman, a retired public school teacher, serves as Interim Principal until Donald R. Pieman arrives in September.
November 1960
Church parsonage on Albert Street is built and dedicated to the glory of God.
August 12, 1962
A memorial service is held for Mr. Manfred Buchmann who taught at Trinity for 2 years. Mr. Buchmann died of heat exhaustion after getting lost in the Califonia Desert.
July 1, 1962
July 30, 1961
Church fellowship hall and church basement are added on to the school building and dedicated.
November, 1965
Pastor Heinicke accepts a new call and leaves Trinity in vacancy.
September 1961
Edward C. Gutz is installed as a new principal of the school. The school enrollment is 216.
March, 1966
Rev. Roland G. Friedrichs is installed as Trinity's ninth pastor. The school has grown to employ 10 faculty with 277 students.
October 17, 1971
Trinity celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Guest pastors included: Rev. Martin Hartenberger, Rev. Edwin Heyne, Rev. Melvin Herring, and Rev. R.G. Friedrichs.
May, 1975
Mr. Gutz retires from the teaching ministry.
October 1974
Pastor Friedrichs accepts a call to serve Immanuel, Houston. Mr. Ewald C. Gutz conducts worship services during the vacancy.
November, 1975
Rev. Gerald Petsch is installed as pastor to be come the tenth pastor to serve Trinity.
June 1985
Trinity opens a Christian Day Care program under the direction of Mrs. Janice Fluegel, the Kindergarten teacher at the time.
March, 1992
Trinity receives Vicar Tom Lutz, he is the first vicar at Trinity Lutheran.
Rev. Gerald Petsch resigns from the Office of the Holy Ministry at Trinity Lutheran. Rev. Jon Braunersreuther from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church serves as Trinity's pastor during the vacancy.
March, 1993
Vicar Tim Parker becomes Trinity's second vicar replace Vicar Tom Lutz.
April 23, 1995
Rev. Mark Cattau is installed to serve as Trinity's eleventh pastor.
April 11, 1999
Trinity Lutheran Church holds a ground breaking ceremony for a new Sanctuary and Day Care Center. The project will cost $1.4 million and take a year to complete with the help of another Lutheran organization known as Laborers for Christ.
Pastor Cattau accepts a call to serve Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dallas, TX. Pastor Hesse, the Assistant Pastor, immediately assumes all pastoral duties for Trinity.
April 9, 2000
The new sanctuary and child care center are completed and dedicated.
July 4, 2004
Rev. Brian J. Hesse is installed as Trinity's second Senior Pastor, officially replacing Pastor Mark Cattau.
July 1, 2001
Rev. Brian J. Hesse is ordained and installed as Trinity's Assistant Pastor. It is the first time Trinity is served by two full time clergy. Pastor Hesse becomes Trinity's twelfth pastor to serve Trinity.

On July 8, Mr. Rick Ryan is installed as Trinity's new school principal.
July 10, 2005
After a year of deferred vicarage, Rev. David E. Schatte is ordained and installed as Trinity's Associate Pastor. Pastor Schatte becomes the thirteenth pastor to serve Trinity.
March 30, 2014
Pastor David Schatte accepts call to Our Savior Lutheran Church in Granbury, TX. Pastor Hesse again immediately assumes all pastoral duties at Trinity.
Rev. Edward Heinicke is installed as Trinity's eighth pastor. In the same worship service, Rev. Glen O'Shoney is ordained and installed as pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Amarillo.
Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7
June 7, 2015
Mrs. Charessa Koontz (an alumni of the school and native of Amarillo) is installed as the Commissioned Family Life Minister at Trinity.
May 15, 2016
Christ Lutheran Church merges with Trinity Lutheran Church to begin a new partnership becoming one congregation on two campuses. With plans to begin a multi-site ministry in the future.
August, 2016
Vicar Rick Black begins Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) training at Trinity Lutheran. The four year training program will lead him to be pastor at the new Woodlands ministry.
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