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Group of Seven

No description

Jasleen Dhillon

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Group of Seven

By: Jasleen D The Group of Seven Information: The Group of Seven consists of: My Favorite Piece... My Favorite piece is The Little Falls! by J.E.H Macdonald! The Group of Seven sometimes known as the Algonquin school were a group of Canadian artists from 1920 to 1933, they were closely associated with Emily Carr, another Canadian artist. here are some of the group of sevens work: 'Old Stump' FRANKLIN CARMICHAEL
FREDERICK HORSMAN VARLEY 'Night Ferry Vancouver' ' Defiant Spirits' 'Little Falls' Reasons I like this piece:
*It reflects the beauty of nature
*It has bright colors
* It is calm Why are they so important? Did you know, at first, the group of seven was rejected because the critics thought that their work was ugly and unworthy of being painted? The art critics were proved wrong however over the next while by the Group of Seven. The group became known as legends of Canadian art, finding new and different ways to show the beauty of the landscapes. Quick Facts about the group of seven: * Tom Thompson would have joined the group of seven, but he died before he could. He is a honorary member

* 4 more people joined the group of seven.
( A. J. Casson, joined in 1926; Edwin Holgate, became a member in 1930; and LeMoine Fitzgerald, joined in 1932. Tom Thompson would have joined)

* Emily Carr (another Canadian artist) was closely linked with the group of seven. J.E.H MacDonald was in the wilderness
when he painted this picture! He was
looking at the water fall and then he
decided to paint it. He was inspired about
the beauty and peacefulness. Today it is
worth 1.2 million. Background Information Thanks For Watching!
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